Iwer Apologizes For Statements Made During Interview!

Disgruntled Soca Singer who still believes that he was robbed in 2011 has backpeddaled on statements made during an interview on Carnival Tuesday. Apparently Iwer was furious that Machel Montano uses more time than was alloted for his performance and added to that he claimed that the use of fireworks were banned from the competition.

If you remember during Montano's performance the clock did run out during the performance and Machel's rocket man propelled from the stage and left the stadium - that was it Machel stole the show with his theatrics!

Well now we get the facts and because the facts don't support Mr. Jab there is pain and sorrow. Not even the traditional Jab or even an imported jabmolasie from Grenada could save face for Iwer. What other recourse did the man have but to apologize for  his vocal trangressions? The answer is none because now we learn that there was no penalty for going over the alloted time - the music from the band supporting the singer simply stopped playing. Regarding the use of fireworks there was no rule, no ban on fireworks!

This turned out to be Jab with real pain. Iwer did the right thing and apologized for his comments on the CNMG live coverage during Carnival Tuesday. The talk of the town is that next year's Soca Monarch will have a first prize of US$1M. You better believe that Iwer heard this and ran to apologize to ensure that there is no bad blood with Caribbean Prestige Foundation for the Performing Arts. Well Iwer should now get to work and come up with something that would rock the Power Soca World if he has any intention of taking the crown away from the undisputed King of Soca Mr. Fete himself, Machel Montano.

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