NPATT Parang Finals 2009 at the Arima Velodrome

The highly anticipated National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NPATT) 2009 finals took place at the Arima Velodrome last night and continued into early Sunday morning with the announcement of the results. As I write this post I am listing to the guest performance of San Jose Serenaders as the judges finalize the results.  As expected, the music was sweet, the beat infectious and with the crowd on hand dancing the night away it was a show of shows culminating with the crowning of champion of Parang 2009. Some fortunate people (International listeners/viewers) were able to see the entire show live via WACK Radio Television subsidiary feed via the Internet. This is noteworthy since WACK radio has now given Parang an international audience and placed them on the center stage for bigger things and future international performances. These expatriates were fortunate to view this show without cost; it was apparent that they enjoyed the entire show judging from their interaction and reactions to the music in the WACK Radio 'Shout Box'.  Some opinions expressed stated that the traditional parang is on the way out - the music has changed just as the other music genres have changed.  However, it was a glorious night of/for Parang - well done and congratulations to everyone involved!
Drum Roll ... And here are the results (2:11 AM Sunday Morning)                                                                  
1. Los Alumnos de San Juan (185 points)                
2. Amantes de Parranda (177.25 points)
3. La Familia de Camona y Amigos (167 points)
4. Los Amigos Cantadores (165.75 points)
5. Voces Jovenes (156.5 points)
6. La Familia De Rio Claro (146.5 points)
7. Renacer (140.5 points)
8. La Casa Parranda (120.75 points)
Winners this year: Los Alumnos de San Juan.  Photo: Trinidad Guardian Newspaper 

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‏قال غير معرف…
not good judging. voces jovenes deserved to be in the top three
‏قال غير معرف…
I agree. Also, one of the judges was a Los Alumnos de San Juan supporter so judging was bias.
‏قال Unknown
The night was a beautiful one filled with the sweet sounds of Parang music...

So maybe to a lot of people the results were a bit shocking on the night.. I may tend to agree that Voces Jovenes should have been placed higher up, but the Judges decision is final...

When I look at the points difference.. the only race there was 3rd and 4th.. everyone else was on average about 7-10 points away from eachother..
It was good night.. and I was happy to be there to witness it
‏قال غير معرف…
I will attest to this that the judging was a bit bias,but we can't always believe that just because the music sounded sweet that the band should have won. There are alot of other things to take into consideration for example the structure of the song. In my opinion, I cannot understand how Los Amigos Cantadores came in 4th place, the should have exchanged places with Rio Claro or something.