What is the Best Mamaguy yuh ever heard or experienced?

Trini Dictionary: Côté ci Côté la.
To 'Mamaguy' someone is to fool that person with smart talk or slick reasoning. It can also be a case of misleading actions to set up a 'sucker punch’. Another situation would be “to make fun of or to ridicule another person. To give someone 'fatigue' means to tease or roast that person. However, it is never a pleasant experience to be the person receiving this teasing, this mocking is never a pleasant experience. There are many occasions when these situations resulted in fist fights. Well not these days in Trinidad because disputes today are settled in felonious ways. 
This is your chance to get involved. I am not using my limited brain cells today to create anything but you; yes you can create a post that could be very funny.  I will take your 'comments' or "mammergisms" and add them to this post. So what are you waiting on? Come on get involved.
Mas Man Redux (Director's Cut), Peter Minshall, Trinidad Carnival Artist

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