Panorama Tunes for 2010

Pan Enthusiasts aka Barrel Lovers please take note of the songs listed here. This list will expand as new music is released for the upcoming Carnival season 2010. Get to know these songs because your favorite steelband may just be playing one of them. The winds of change have already swept through Pantrinbago and just maybe we may be treated to something a little different this upcoming season. So tune in to the radio or get out there and purchase the music, listen, absorb and get ready for a 'pantastic' season.

"Ah Love Meh Pan" sung by Crazy; composed by Terry Figuera;lyrics by David Goddard
"Battle Zone" sung by Anslem Douglas - music by Edwin Pouchet.
"Breakdown" sung by Keith "Designer" Prescott; composed by Kevin Browne; lyrics by Kevin Browne
"Flash" sung by Frosty Brooks; composed by Muguel Reyes
"De Last Band" sung by Peter D’Royce - composed by Miguel Reyes
"Doh Meddle Wid Me" sung by Kurt Allen, composed by Earl Brooks, Lyrics by Alvin Daniel
"Flash" sung by Frosty Brooks, composed by Miguel Reyes
"For Carnival" - sung by Crazy - composed by Orthneil Bacchus
"Large is Large" sung by Crazy; composed by Leon "Smooth" Edwards and Larry Harewood
"Lava Coming Down" sung by Eddie Charles; composed by Brian Joseph
"Lightning Strikes Twice" sung by Eunice Peters - music by Edwin Pouchet.
"Music In My Ear" sung by Keith ‘Designer’ Prescott - composed by Miguel Reyes
"Musical Fire" sung by Anslem Douglas, music by Atiba Sherwood, lyrics by Gerard Brian William & Alvin Daniel
"Out on the Greens" sung by K.V. Charles; composed by Nigel Diaz; lyrics by Amrit Samaroo
"Pandemic" sung by Shanaqua, composed by Gary Codrington, lyrics by Alvin Daniel
"Pan and Calypso" sung by Crazy, composed by Nigel Diaz, lyrics by Amrit Samaroo
“Pan Injustice” sung by ‘Tunapuna Scanty’ - composed by Miguel Reyes
"Pan in D Land" sung by Hayden Lynch; composed by Hayden Lynch
"Pan in de Mas" lyrics and vocals by David Michael Rudder, Composed by Pelham Goddard
“Pan on Fire” sung by DeFosto - composed by Winston Scarborough
"Pan Pushers" sung by Xposer; composed by Munroe Moses
"Pan Revolution" sung by Gia Telesford; composed by Carlyle Roberts
"Pong It" sung by Carwash, composed by Dunstan 'Carwash' Lawrence
"PowPow, DoiDoi (Bad Boy)" sung by Mark Roberts; composed by Mark Roberts
"Rewind" sung by Destra Garcia; composed by Ken "Professor" Philmore and Mark Loquan, lyrics by Destra Garcia.
"Scratch Attack" sung by Crazy; composed by Kurt Edwards
“Smooth Sailing” sung by DeFosto - composed by Winston Scarborough
"Somewhere in Tobago" sung by Steve Sealy; composed by Avis Bruce  and Amrit Samaroo
“Something Special” sung by Derrick Seales - music by Brian “Bean” .
"Spreading Hands” sung by ‘Oscar Benjamin’ - composed by Kenrick & Kenneth Headley; lyrics by Anthony "Lexo" Alexis
"Surrender" sung by Destra Garcia; composed by Ken "Professor" Philmore and Mark Loquan; lyrics by Destra Garcia
"Time" sung by Keith "Designer" Prescott; composed by Alston Jack; lyrics by Samantha Jack & Chris Jack
"Trinbago Ting"sung by 'Chucky'; composed by Kurt Edwards
"Two Sticks in Meh Hand" sung by Percil Nock-Boyce; composed by Percil Nock-Boyce
"When Steel Talks" - composed by Winston Scarborough and sung by Crazy
"Wild and Free" sung by Kadeem "Rasta Grammy" Alleyne; composed by Andre White and Kadeem Alleyne
"You Too Hot"  sung by Xposer; composed by Monroe Moses
"Young Arrangers" - sung by 'Chuky; composed by Carlan "Panman" Harewood; lyrics by Kevin Browne
Source: (Songs can be heard at this link).
When Steel Talks is dedicated to pan worldwide. It is an initiative designed to promote the history and culture of the Steelband globally.

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