Come Leh We Go to Tobago

So you want to get away and the Caribbean was recommended, then Tobago is a must-visit place to lay back and unwind. Tobago is part of the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. So, "come leh we go, let we go to Tobago; that Paradise found by Robinson Crusoe ..." You will not be disappointed.

A Little Tobago History:
At the time of European contact, Tobago was inhabited by Island Caribs. The first European visitors appear to have been English in 1580. According to the earliest English-language source cited in the Oxford English Dictionary, Tobago bore a name that has become the English word tobacco. The first settlers were Courlanders in 1654. It changed hands 33 times between Courland, Spain, England, France, Sweden, and the Dutch Republic until in 1814 it became part of the British Empire. In 1889 Tobago was united with Trinidad into a British crown colony. In 1962 they became an independent Commonwealth nation of Trinidad and Tobago and in 1976 a republic.

Tobago is the tourist haven, a tourist paradise that big brother Trinidad dreams of but will never achieve. Tobago's ocean waters are not affected by the rivers of South America as is Trinidad's because of its (i.e. Trinidad) close proximity to the South American mainland. Tobago is also well known for its many unique traditions. The famous Tobago Goat and Crab races are examples of these unique and very unusual traditions. 

Amazing places to visit/things to do:
The World famous Bucco reef is a must-see/must-visit whenever one visits Tobago. The nylon pool is another amazing place to visit. After traveling in a boat out to see you arrive at a place that can only be described as a swimming pool in the middle of the ocean. One can come out of the boat and actually walk on the ocean floor - very amazing indeed.
Diving enthusiasts will truly enjoy the water off Tobago that have a few shipwrecks for those who like to explore.

Here is a snippet from Wikipedia:
The Tobago Forest Reserve (or the Main Ridge Reserve) claims to be the oldest protected forest in the Western world. It was designated as a protected Crown reserve on April 17, 1776, following representations by Soame Jenyns a Member of Parliament in Britain who had the responsibility for the development of Tobago. It has remained a protected area ever since.

The Tobago Heritage Festival:
If you want to get a good idea of the Tobago way of life then you need to attend the Tobago Heritage festival which is a showcase for the islands culture, food, music, and dance (witness the Tobago Hell and Toe and Jig dances) and the famous Tobago storytelling.  This festival is growing in popularity with Trinidadians making the trip for the festival that is held on the last week of July and the first week of August.

The Tobago Jazz Festival:
This unique experience now has a new name, it will now be known as the "The Tobago Jazz Experience".  This new experience will showcase pan and jazz as well as showcase the ocean experience. This festival (yes that's what it is) also has popular American performers and many music celebrities visiting the island for this show that is held in April. Check with the Tobago Tourism website for details at:

Tobago:  The Place To Be:
Tobago has a lot to offer but take it from a Trini who has visited Tobago there is nothing better than Tobago's curry crab and dumplings - yummy. Also, you have to try the Bennae balls - just try them. This article can only provide a glimpse of Tobago but if you have plans to explore the southern Caribbean then Tobago is the place to be - See you there!

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