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Dougla Rhythm? Sokah? We now call it Soca!

I have heard so many people lay claim to Soca and many have tried to emphasize that it is a fusion of American soul music and ca… Read more

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2009

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) Read more

"We Ting?"

Dey Say… We created it and as a result no one does it better! Does that still hold true? From the heart and soul, from the bosom… Read more

Come Leh We Go to Tobago

So you want to get away and the Caribbean was recommended, then Tobago is a must-visit place to lay back and unwind. Tobago is … Read more

La Vega

La Vega Estate is located at 726 Gran Couva Main Road, Trinidad. Contact: 1 (868) 679-9522. email: Locate… Read more

Trinidad's Pitch Lake

via This is an area covered with tar and rich with history. It is also one of three such lakes in the world… Read more

Follow up to Trini Myths

Jumbie Beads Trinidad Trini Myths.  Just the name leaves one with the feeling that the conversation that follows is not true and … Read more

Say Hello to Chatango Mini

Please take note, your cote ci cote la and wack radio shout boxes and now available at this link:… Read more

What is the Best Mamaguy yuh ever heard or experienced?

Trini Dictionary: Côté ci Côté la. To 'Mamaguy' someone is to fool that person with smart talk or slick reasoning. It… Read more

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Well I guess most of you surfing the World Wide Web for calypso music must have come across some very interesting sites. Recentl… Read more

Trini Myths

Some Trini Myths: If yuh drink rum and eat ah fig, (banana) yuh sure to die. (I think that is is the Moko or Mata Burro) If yuh… Read more

Meh Nabel String Bury Here!

I have heard my favorite radio personality, Mr. Damion Melville of WACK radio, ask in everyday 'Triniglish' (Trinidad Eng… Read more

Paramin Gold - This One is for you Gailos!

Have you have ever driven to Maracas beach? Well if you are a true Trini then you must have taken a dip in the salt – Maracas Ba… Read more

Good Ole Fashioned GPS | Growing Up In Trinidad

This post was originally done in 2007 for Trini2DBone and is still posted in their forum. I thought that it would be fun to let … Read more

The Rosy Mango That Fell In The 'Picker Patch'

"Oh Gawd Ah Go Dead!" In hind sight there are some things that only children seem to notice and pay attention too; an… Read more

Curry Tabanka - Trinidad Allstars

Read more

Dat Damn Thiefing Parang Band

Christmas is just around the corner and for this reason we are featuring some Trini Christmas videos. The Youtube link will also … Read more

Scorned and Descriminated by both Blacks and Whites

From the Diary of Giselle aka Peppersauce - Too Light or Too Dark? I actually thought that I was a fairly good writer, but I’v… Read more

Panorama Tunes for 2010

Pan Enthusiasts aka Barrel Lovers please take note of the songs listed here. This list will expand as new music is released for t… Read more

It Is Time To Release Carnival From Its Religious Yoke!

Controversy and Carnival always seem to go hand in hand especially when it comes to the outcome of judging the various competitio… Read more

Sprangalang's GDP - Will Sprang get to the Throne on time?

Now we will find out what happens after the Trini 'Poomed'! Source: Thank… Read more

Is it a Fart or a Poom?

As only Sprangalang would say, "oh gorm like something dead living here or what". Yes my friend I know "dead and … Read more

Sparrow - Calypso Maestro

Track listing:  Steelband Music Cuatro Man Don't hold me Slight mistake Neurosis Wine back Ah diggin horrors Song of y… Read more

Do You Remember This Sparrow Christmas Collection?

Christmas is here once again with Parang music in control of the season. However there was a time when traditional Christmas song… Read more

Legacy Flag or Mismanagement or our Resources?

Flag Oman: "No Boi it is the National Winer Gyul Flag Pole" “Life is a stage and we are the actors – we all have ah pa… Read more

School Days - Love Hate Relationship with Elementary School

Couva East Secondary Bursting of Pinatas Spanish Day 2012 School Dayz! Written by Santiwah from notes sent by Sandiego Lee … Read more

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