Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Well I guess most of you surfing the World Wide Web for calypso music must have come across some very interesting sites. Recently I was looking up information about calypso during the formative years and came across some interesting sites. One name that kept showing up was the Smithsonian. The link provided at the end of this note takes you to the Smithsonian Folkways Recording site.  At that site you can look up information about Lord Melody, Lord Invader and many of the other ‘Griots’ of that period and listen to the recordings of these musical heroes. Even better is the fact that you can purchase copies of the recordings and start a collection with music from some of the greatest ambassadors of the art form.

If you have already taken the opportunity to purchase music from this source or some other site, please don't hesitate to leave a comment about your experience.  Giving others the opportunity to find these classic tunes is something that we should share.  Trinidadians need to take a look back at our rich heritage and compare the artists and substance of the music to the current crop of singers today. Do you believe that the calypsonians today have the talent of those who came before? Do you think that the current Soca artists can create a calypso of substance or has the jump and wine mentality ripped the heart out of the calypso art form?

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