It Is Time To Release Carnival From Its Religious Yoke!

Controversy and Carnival always seem to go hand in hand especially when it comes to the outcome of judging the various competitions. Having said that, I would like to add one topic for discussion that should not be controversial or be a contentious subject to be judged by the public. I don't wish to add to the bacchanal but the current arrangement that has the carnival dates linked to the religious calender seems to be a bit bit outdated now that the country has matured as an independent state. It is my opinion that a  fixed date for the carnival celebration (one that extends the season) would be welcomed by everyone without question.
Have you ever wondered why the Carnival dates are fixed to the Lenten dates? There are many articles online regarding Carnival and most point to the Greeks who started it all. We now have to ask ourselves how we ended up with the dates set to the Monday and Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday. The church and carnival have nothing in common so why fix the dates based on the Roman Catholic religious calendar? Crop Over in Barbados is set for late July into early August and it has no connection to any religious calendar. No one will question the financial viability of the Carnival season is for the Calypso, Soca and Chutney artistes along with the Band leaders and Steel Orchestras. Taking this into consideration, wouldn't it be better to have a fixed date for the festivities that the participants could properly carter to year after year?
Carnival is an industry that generates income for everyone involved in the business of the festival. Some years the Carnival season is very short and this is not financially viable for those who depend on the festival for the majority of their income. A short season means that the calypsonians who rely on attendance to the tents will miss out on generous sums of income due to the limited time for the season.  What is your opinion about a fixed date for the Carnival celebrations and what is the set date that you think is best suited for Trinidad and Tobago? Why can't we separate the Church from the festival? It would be a financial bounty for the country and everyone else who can earn income from the activities of the festival. However, doing so may anger the religious zealots. I am certain that this has been considered before but I believe it should be revisited for consideration – now is the right time to get it done. I personally believe that a date in April would be best suited for everyone. The Government and those involved in the planning of the carnival celebrations should be able to come up with fixed dates that would be agreeable to everyone – this would be a move in the right direction.

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