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Bounce by Bunji Garlin x XplicitMevon | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Bunji Garlin/XplicitMevon XplicitMevon has released the Viking of Soca! After listening to this s… Read more

Family by Fay-Ann Lyons | Soca 2023

Images via YouTube music-video & Bing images © Fay-Ann Lyons x XplicitMevon & N.M.G Music Ohh la-la, this one is sweet! T… Read more

Endurance by Nadia Batson | Soca 2023

Bing Images © Endurance Music Project/XplicitMevon/Nadia Batson Wow, I can't imagine that we missed this one last month... we… Read more

Rum Punch Riddim by: XplicitMevon | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube music video © DjKquickLive/Rum Punch Riddim Production/XplicitMevon Rum Punch is a drink for all seasons but to… Read more

D' Parang Riddim Produced by XplicitMevon | Soca Parang

Image via Bing Images © D' Parang Riddim Project. Yes, it is Christmas time again, and we continue the tradition of presenti… Read more

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