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This post is a collaboration by this blog writer, aka Santiwah, and an anonymous friend. I will confess here that I suffer from anxiety and the demons that stress can bring about. You may have been a fan of this blog for years, but you cannot find me in most carnival activities because I have not been brave enough, or strong enough, to harness the power to deal with my demons. Patrice may have laid the foundation for a new me, having said that, this collaborative effort below deals with the song "Anxiety." At the same time, we extend our sincere condolences to Patrice Roberts on the passing of her fiance, Ricardo Drue. Our condolences are also extended to Drue's family, friends, and everyone who loved Drue and his music. 

Shared thoughts (Santiwah and Anonymous):
In Patrice Roberts' "Anxiety," a Soca beat becomes a poignant pulse for honesty. Stripped bare of the vibrant energy that typically defines the genre, this song emerges as a confession, a whispered conversation with her mental state, and, as Roberts herself proclaims, her most sincere offering yet.

"Anxiety" confronts the elephant in the Soca room, the unspoken struggles with self-doubt, stress, and loneliness that can lurk beneath the glitter and revelry. Roberts delves into the complexities of her own mental health, laying bare her ongoing battle with anxiety. The lyrics sting with vulnerability, speaking of feeling "foreign" in her own skin, the ever-present "what ifs" gnawing at her confidence.

But within this vulnerable terrain, "anxiety" also blooms with resilience. Patrice finds solace in the very music she creates, singing about how she "needs" carnival, its vibrant energy serving as her remedy, her therapy. The rhythmic pulse takes on a life of its own, transforming from confession to affirmation, each beat a declaration of the strength found in facing vulnerability head-on.

Here, Patrice Roberts becomes not just a Soca singer but a voice for a community often cloaked in the joyous facade of performance. "Anxiety" shatters the illusion, encouraging open dialogue about the mental health battles that can affect anyone, even those who bring us sunshine on the dance floor.

By owning her struggle, Roberts does more than offer personal catharsis. She invites others to embrace their own shadows and find strength in shared vulnerability. "Anxiety" isn't just a Soca song; it's a conversation starter, a bridge built from honesty and a shared rhythm of the human experience. As Patrice sings, "I speak my language," and in doing so, she gives voice to an unspoken truth, inspiring others to do the same.

"Anxiety" may not be the Soca track you expect, but it's one that Soca desperately needs. It's a raw, honest exploration of the human behind the performer, a reminder that even the bright stars on stage grapple with shadows. And in the end, it's that very honesty that makes the song resonate, a beacon of hope for anyone who has ever felt the grip of anxiety, offering a path towards light and, yes, even carnival laughter on the other side.

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Anxiety
Artist/Performed by: Patrice Roberts
Produced by: XplicitMevon, Millbeatz Entertainment & Advokit Productions
Written by: Kitwana Israel, Patrice Roberts, Mevon Soodeen & David Millien
Live Guitars by: Kyle Peters
Background Vocals by: Patrice Roberts & Kitwana Israel
Recorded by: David Millien at MillBeatz Studios, Trinidad
Vocal Production : Kitwana Israel, Mevon Soodeen & David Millien.
Mixed and mastered by: Andre “Dre Major” Stewart.
Lyric Video by: Move With Time
Origin: Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Genre: Soca

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