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National Small Conventional Steelband Semi-Finals 2024 | Panorama

The air crackled with anticipation as the National Small Steelbands Semi-finals blessed the island with sweet Steelpan music. In … Read more

National Panorama 2024 Single Pan Finals Competition Results

The "National Single Pan Steelpan-Finals" is the first Steelband Panorama competition for Carnival 2024. This competiti… Read more

We Going Pan by Logging Tape Media | Trinidad 2023

Image © Logging Tape Media.  Steelband music was rekindled by the recently finished Pan in the 21st Century and Pan Down Memory L… Read more

Celebrating the Inauguration of the Desperadoes Pan Theatre

The "pan-tent" is not what it used to be; it is no longer a makeshift structure of posts with a galvanized roof! Today … Read more

Barrel on WACK Visual Radio 90.1 FM | Mr. Desmond

Image via Bing/LunaPic adjusted. Sunday afternoons are always special, especially in the Caribbean. Relaxing on a Sunday afterno… Read more

Medium Conventional Band Finals | Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2023

Image via Pan Trinibago Website © Pan Trinibago 2023 The finals for the Medium Conventional Steelbands will take place today at t… Read more

National Panorama Semi-Finals 2023 | Medium & Large Bands

Image via Pan Trinbago 2023 © Pan Trinbago It is that time again... Pan, sweet Pan. We are talking about medium and large convent… Read more

Small Conventional Bands Finalists | Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama 2023

National Panorama 2023 | Small Conventional Bands Finals image © Pan Trinibago 2023 After a long night of sweet pan from the smal… Read more

Jahaji Bhai (Brotherhood of the Boat) | Brother Marvin/Renegades

If you want to know what it feels like to be a Trinidadian bursting with pride then the following excerpt from the BP Renegades B… Read more

Lord Kitchener Melody | Andy Narell Steel Orchestra & The WRD Big Band feat Lord Relator

Trini's term it pure niceness when Kaiso and Stellband sounds are in the air. The stew gets interesting when a curious mind… Read more

Invaders Steelband 1950 | Trinidad & Tobago

The Invaders Steelband is one of the oldest steel bands formed in Trinidad and Tobago. reports that the band was form… Read more

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