Small Conventional Bands Finalists | Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama 2023

National Panorama 2023 | Small Conventional Bands Finals image © Pan Trinibago 2023

After a long night of sweet pan from the small conventional bands, we have the finalists that would compete for the crown of best small conventional Steelband in Trinidad & Tobago for carnival 2023. The competition will take place at the "Queens Park Savannah" on Saturday, January 14th. 2023 starting at 7:00 pm. 

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Here are the finalists and the points scored last night:

Name of Band
  1. Uptown Fascinators
  2. T&T Defence Force
  3. Fascinators Pan Symphony
  4. Arima Golden Symphony
  5. C&B Crown Cordaans
  6. Road Block Steel Orchestra
  7. Highlanders Steel Orchestra
  8. Genesis Pan Groove
  9. Southern Stars
  10. Tobago PanThers
  11. Westside Symphony
  12. Panosonic Connections
  13. Fusion Steel
  14. Alpha Pan Pioneers
  15. St. Margarets Super Stars
  16. Perfect Cadence Steel Orchestra
Name of Song
  1. Dollar Wine
  2. Raising Dust
  3. I Love Being Me
  4. Long Time
  5. This Melody Sweet
  6. Mash Up
  7. Dear Promoter
  8. A Better Tomorrow
  9. Bun Dem 
  10. Out and Bad
  11. Get Up and Dance
  12. Calypso Music
  13. Calling Meh
  14. By Any Means
  15. Too Young To Soca
  16. Roti and Talkarie
  1. 277
  2. 275
  3. 274
  4. 272
  5. 266
  6. 266
  7. 265
  8. 262
  9. 260
  10. 260
  11. 259
  12. 255
  13. 255
  14. 253
  15. 252
  16. 250
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Uptown Fascinators playing "Dollar Wine" scored 277 points to top all bands in the Semi-Finals.

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