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Cautiton Riddim | International Stephen x Vibez Production | 2020

This vibe and list of solid songs were initially released for Saint Lucia's 2019 Summer Carnival. However, with Internati… Read more

Famalay | Bunji Garlin & Skinny Fabulous | Saint Lucia 2019

Machel Montano was not there but Bunji and Skinny Fabulous managed to find a lot of 'Famalay' in Saint Lucia. The conc… Read more

Piton Mountain | Preedy | Saint Lucia 2019

Soca music goes beyond the concept of yearly offerings for a singular island celebration of carnival. Soca artistes are rel… Read more

Y Dou (It Sweet) | Teddyson John x KES | Saint Lucia 2019

Karnaval or as we say in English Carnival comes down to one thing, feting and having a good time. Today we present a carniva… Read more

Lost And Found | Preedy | Trinidad & Tobago 2019

We are in the mood to look back and show this song some love. This is "Lost And Found" by Preedy. This song is a pro… Read more

A Friend | Ricky T | Saint Lucia 2019

Oh no, don't worry he/she is just a friend! Did you have that sick feeling deep down inside after hearing those so called… Read more

On Me | Keytinna | Saint Lucia 2019

Saint Lucia is on the rise and today we feature one of the new music releases from the newly released Bacchanal Forever Riddim… Read more

Leave (Kité Sa) | Teddyson John | Saint Lucia 2019

Today Saint Lucia delivers on a promise that Teddyson John will continue to be awesome; that Teddyson will bring you some rea… Read more

Issa Vibe | Motto x Machel Montano | Saint Lucia/Trinidad & Tobago 2019

Fans of Machel Montano and Motto of Teamfoxx are going gaga over this new music release entitled "Issa Vibe". The ve… Read more

Speechless | Kerwin Du Bois, Voice, Teddyson John & Lyrikal | Trinidad & Tobago 2019

"I don't know what to say... I'm speechless, baby"! This is what happens when you are totally blown away whe… Read more

Pick Your Position | Motto x Skinny Fabulous | Trinidad & Tobago 2019

There is a time and place for everything. Songs like this one will be released regardless of what anyone has to say. Fans acro… Read more

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