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Saint Lucia Road March Winner 2014 | J Mouse with Hurt It

J. Mouse, the seventeen year old artist from Saint Lucia,  rocked the Lucian Soca Monarch competition and and managed to place p… Read more

Rough It Up | Machel Montano | Saint Lucia 2014

This is new music from Machel Montano produced and released for Saint Lucia Carnival 2014. The song is a production of Penn and … Read more

Good Hole | Not an auspicious start for Lucian music 2014

I am sure you heard the song "Good Oye" and loved it, but today we have one that you would love to hate and hate to lo… Read more

No Guns Allowed | Mantius | Saint Lucia/Dominica/T'dad 2014

I want you, dear reader, to heed the words of the Mantius Cazaubon as he embarks on this noble cause to help stamp out "gun… Read more

Sweet Soca Music | Teddyson John | St. Lucia/T'dad 2014

This is a re-release from Precision Productions. The name of the song is "Sweet Soca Music" and with the name comes … Read more

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