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Aye Gyal is the signature Hey Choppi Soca vibe for the summer of 2024

Image via YouTube Music Video © AdvoKit Productions/Hey Choppi. Hey Choppi keeps getting better. Today, we feature his latest mus… Read more

Can KES Stage a Road March "Miracle" for Carnival 2024?

The song "Miracle" by Kes is a catchy and upbeat Soca tune that was released in 2024 as part of the EP of the same name… Read more

Daiz You by Bunji Garlin | Soca 2024

Hold onto your hats, Soca fam, because Bunji Garlin, the undisputed Ragga Soca champion and current Road March Champion, has drop… Read more

Carnival Day by Voice x Patrice Roberts | Soca 2024

Soca music ignites with a new spark - "Carnival Day" by Voice and Patrice Roberts burst onto the scene, not just as a s… Read more

Celebrating Well-Endowed Carnival Women | Big by Olatunji

Photo via YouTube Music Video/Befunky Reproduction © Olatunji/Precision Productions Caribbean carnivals are beautiful because eve… Read more

Show Me Your Label by Precision Productions x Red Royale | 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Carib Carnival/Precision Productions Yes, Precision Productions is back in the game with a track … Read more

High Street Riddim by Tano | Mega Mix by DjKquickLive

Image via YouTube Music Video © Tano Music Productions How yuh bad so! You are going to hear that line in this mix and to tell yo… Read more

Rock It Back by Anthony Cole | Soca 2023

Merged images via backgrounds4free & Precision Productions email blast Are you ready for Carnival 2023 in sweet Trinidad &… Read more

Turbulence Riddim | Precision Productions

No copyright infringement intended, the original photo was adjusted for this blogpost The more you want, the more you wish for wi… Read more

Sando Riddim | Precision Productions | Carnival 2014

Image via YouTube Music Video © Precision Productions Precision Productions released the Sando Riddim early this morning. Howeve… Read more

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