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Queen Elizabeth II Visits Trinidad & Tobago | 1966

Trinidad and Tobago is now a republic however, there was a time when we were once part of the British Empire ruled from Lond… Read more

Remember when... Television was introduced to Trinidad and Tobago in 1962

I remember as a child my father's RCA Television, a faithful television that provided entertainment for the neighborhood. The… Read more

Dem Ole Time Days|Trinidad

The following is a reprint from . Wow, indeed times have changed and it is a natural progres… Read more

Trinidad in the old time days|Trini Entertainment

I have always wanted to find photos of Trinidad and Tobago that depicted what the country looked like in the "Ole Time Days&… Read more

Wallerfield, Trinidad

eTeck presents a documentary that showcases Trinidad & Tobago's significant role in World War II Video from: http://www… Read more

The National Flag of Trinidad and Tobago

From : "The national flag was designed by the Independence Committee and selected to be used as the National Fla… Read more

Take Your Best Shot!

How hard can this be? Go online and search ... you will be surprised! Take a very close look at the building and venture an ans… Read more

"Birthday of the Father of the Nation"

"Williams, Eric (Eustace) (1911–81) West Indian statesman. In 1955 Williams founded the People's National Movement (PNM… Read more

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