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Wow, indeed times have changed and it is a natural progression as people mature and technology pushes us to the limits making the World a village instead of a distant transatlantic journey. Nowadays we can quickly get up to date with the events as they happen as reported by the media of the World. The savvy internet surfers can browse to any page with information about any country and come to the lime loaded with information as if they lived in that part of the World. The World had changed but not too long ago lifer was so different to what we know today - the 'ole time days'!

When I reminisce about the good ole days I recall having to listen to TTT at nights (7:00pm to be exact) to know what happened. Now CNN is available via satellite and cable channels on the island and easily accessed via the World Wide Web. I used to walk to the corner shop early in the morning to buy the Guardian and Mirror (later on the Express) to get up to date with the news. Technology has now afforded us the ability to listen to WACK and other Station at home even thought we reside in a foreign land. Back in the day life was quiet and very relaxed. We used to get up, get something to eat and head out to the nearby liming spot where the bois would gather to talk about just everything imaginable. 

We were at peace with the World and ourselves and we were only concerned about who had the bat and ball – it was cricket or 'raisin' (soccer). We also liked playing checkers (draughts) and this would go on for hours interspersed with a mango chow session or someone getting rowdy and a mini fight to solve the problem. Fast forward to the climate today where kidnappings and shootings are the norm. Nobody limes at the corners or gather simply to have a good time. A gathering of guys any place could mean you can get your 'supply of stuff' at that site – times have changed indeed and now yuh better watch yuh back at all times. Someone who was once considered a friend could easily become a 'frienemeny' because of drug usage. Added to all of this yuh can't be ah sagaboy anymore because of the rampant spread of HIV related diseases - people are only whispering about who has it now.

I can recall going to the forest to get cocorite and to bathe in the river. We went in a group that had a good time and disturbed the forest with our jovial noises. I loved those days now that I see what has happed to the land because of progress. Progress you say, well this progress had teachers in fear of students and adults looking over their shoulders in fear of getting robbed. Can I write about all the good times that I experienced? Of course I could but that would be my experience for the period that I was fortunate to be a part of. Somebody from this generation would counter with their experiences that they would be exceedingly proud to have experienced. Mind you these very experiences that we frown upon today will become the Goo Ole Days for this generation - don't you think so?

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