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Can't Let You Get Away | Hitz | Grenada/Trinidad & Tobago 2017

This is the latest music release from Grenadian born Soca artist/producer Andre 'Hitz' Phillip. The song is entitled … Read more

Bam Bam | Mr. Killa | Trinidad & Tobago 2017

Mr. Killa was on fire for Granada's Spice Mas 2016. The song presented here is entitled "Bam Bam". This one is… Read more

Grenada Soca Monarch Results 2016 | Spice Mas

Photo sourced/courtesy Grenada Spot The Grenada Soca Monarch Competitions (Groovy and Power… Read more

Flow Soca Monarch Finals/Grenada | Spice Mas 2016

This is it, and we know it will be 'Soca Thunder Drama' this Friday in Grenada as the Spice Isle gears up for the … Read more

Soca Monarch Finals Grenada | Spicemas 2016

The Grenada Soca Monarch Competitions will take place next week on the Friday before the street parades take place. This pos… Read more

Grenada Soca Monarch Finalists (Power) | Spice Mas 2016

Fantastic Friday is going to rock the Spice Isle with sweet Soca vibes for Grenada's summer Carnival 2016. The singe… Read more

Unknown | Lavaman | Grenada Soca 2016

Lava man is on fire for Grenada Carnival 2016! This song, presented here for your listening pleasure, is entitle "Unk… Read more

Set The Mood | Shortpree | Grenada 2016

"Set The Mood" is the latest music release from Finbar Andrews aka Shortpree. This is a refreshing Soca Vibe comin… Read more

The Monsta Riddim | Monsta Entertainment | Grenada, Trinidad 2016

We have some wicked vibes coming out of Grenada for you to make some noise with for Carnival 2016 in Trinidad and Tobago. D… Read more

Mas Well Played | Shortpree | Carriacou, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago

Carriacou Soca to the World! This is new music from the artist who gave you "Ah Have It Laaang" on the Stink Behav… Read more

Stink Behavior Riddim | Xpert Productions | Carriacou Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Look to the North across the ocean Trinidad and Tobago and in the vicinity of the Spice Isle you will find creativity running … Read more

Celebrate | Killa B | Carriacou, Genada, Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Killa B, out of Carriacou/Grenada, wants you to enjoy life and live it to its fullest. In other words he wants you to live and… Read more

Dutty Habits | Hunter HD | Grenada Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Year after year, carnival after carnival from J'Ouvert to last lap the refrain remains the same, "ah cyar control meh… Read more

Jab Jab Skank | Slatta | Carriacou Grenada Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Have you ever heard "Groove Jab Soca"? Well this one surely qualifies! This is new music for Carnivals in Carriacou,… Read more

Fraid Jab | Shal Marshall x Talpree | Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Today we feature a duet sung by two well known singers from Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago. The singers are Shal Marshal (Tri… Read more

Jab Trouble | Slatta Feat. Dj Jack | Carriacou Grenada & TrinBago 2016

Carriacou and Grenada always find a way to re-invent their 'Jab Culture'; this one is entitled "Jab Trouble&q… Read more

Careless | Terri Lyons | Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Lyon pride is on display for Carnival 2016. On one side we have mocha chocolate ( Fay-Ann) and the other we have dark chocol… Read more

Jumbie Jab Riddim | Various Artists | Trinidad & Tobago/Grenada 2016

Jab Nation has arrived and today we feature the rest of the songs on the Jumbie Jab Riddim. We have posted tracks by Bunji Gar… Read more

We Dirty | Talpree | Trinidad/Grenada 2016

When you want to get down and dirty with any Jab Riddim one needs to head to Grenada. Today we feature Jab Royalty in the name… Read more

Born Mad | Tallpree x Slammer Cutter | Grenada/Trinidad 2016

Yuh mad or what? Didn't you know that Talpree and Slammer Cutter were 'born mad'? Well listen to the song and you … Read more

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