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What Yuh Want by Jo'E | Chutney Soca 2024

The rich societal mix in Trinidad and Tobago brings with it a vibrant music culture. The vibe is not just Calypso, Rapso, Soca, a… Read more

Tip Tip by Nisha B x Nailah Blackman | Chutney Soca 2024

The newly released song "Tip Tip" by Nisha B and Nailah Blackman is flushed with a sensual vibe, a fusion of Soca and C… Read more

Shirley Gyal by Ravi B | Chutney Soca

Ravi B's newly released song "Shirly Gyal" is a catchy and upbeat Chutney Soca track that will put a smile on your … Read more

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