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Trinidad & Tobago's Carnival Results | 2014

Now that Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival is part of history everyone is interested in 'the results' for the various c… Read more

Lock It Down Until 2015 | T'dad & Tobago's Carnival is Over

Lock it down and start the counter for the dawn of Carnival 2015 because Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival for 2014 is over - g… Read more

Socadrome Live on Carnival TV | Free Stream Trinidad 2014

If you want to see live Carnival Parade of the bands today then Carnival TV has Socadrome (Jean Pierre Complex) live and free fo… Read more

Trinidad & Tobago Honors Sparrow and Minshall | 2014

Sometimes you will be damned for your actions regardless if it is good, bad or indifferent; this may be the case with decisions … Read more

Mr. Killa | Strong, Talented, Courageous & On The Cusp

Mr. Killa's song Rolly Polly is not a new song but in Trinidad and Tobago it is not the biggest song creating the most ex… Read more

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