Trinidad & Tobago Soca Monarch | Foolish Decision!

I don't get it! The Soca Monarch will be the Power Soca Winner! Nonsense, pure nonsense! I was excited that the competition is back featuring two categories of music, Groovy and Power Soca. Applause... smart move! However, to crown the Power Soca winner the Soca Monarch is pure nonsense/a foolish decision by Fay-Ann!

Now it is bad enough that they are giving the Power Soca Winner two times as much as the Groovy Soca winner, (One Million dollars to $500,000. for the Groovy winner)... that is an insult! All the hits, the best songs out today are from the Groovy category... Farmer Nappy's 'Hookin Meh'  and Nadia Batsons 'So Long' are examples of the songs on top of the charts.

The abundance of music released is dominated by the Groovy Soca category yet they are placing bets on Power Soca over Groovy... somebody is smoking something that they should not while making decisions for the International Soca Monarch. One would hope that this decision was not made by one person but came out of a consensus! If this was a unitary decision then that spells trouble for the long haul...

The single category killed the show for the past few years but the talent was there leading to Voice getting a hat-trick of wins. Power Soca songs come out late in the carnival season. To date Machel Montano has not released his Power Soca song but he has over 18 songs released for carnival 2019 already. I just don't get it and for those who think the future is Power Soca... you are wrong.

After carnival is over what happens to the music? We are not talking about the foolish Soca Switch that is turned on by the majority of radio stations in Trinidad. The truth is all of the power Soca songs are laid to rest... Groove Soca lives on. Why reward a category of music that lives and dies so quickly? So what should have been done?

OK, two categories of music... Groovy and Power! Judge each category and reward both with the same amount of Prize money. Two Monarchs... Groovy & Power and if it is important that you have one person named Soca Monarch then select the winner with the highest score chosen from both categories and consider that person the ISM Soca Monarch! 

We understand that people love the pump and the excitement that goes with the Power Soca Monarch category but let's be honest... there is way too much shouting taking place! How can you reward a category of music that has no place in the International market over one that is constantly making inroads on the International music scene? What are your thoughts?

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