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Mical Teja's DNA Triumphs Over Bunji Garlin's Carnival Contract: Roadmarch Winner 2024

Mical Teja, the young and talented singer, songwriter, and producer, has made history by winning the 2024 Roadmarch title with hi… Read more

Bunji Garlin vs. Micah Teja: A Showdown for the 2024 Carnival Road March Title

It's carnival Tuesday and masqueraders are anxious to hit the streets to the sound of sweet Soca music. This is the moment an… Read more

110 Overcharge by Bunji Garlin | Soca 2024

Bunji Garlin, the Trinidadian ragga soca artist and international soca royalty, is back with a new song that is sure to electrify… Read more

Daiz You by Bunji Garlin | Soca 2024

Hold onto your hats, Soca fam, because Bunji Garlin, the undisputed Ragga Soca champion and current Road March Champion, has drop… Read more

Free To B Riddim ft. Preedy, Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons Lyrikal, Problem Child | Soca 2024

Step into the pulsating heart of Trinidad's Carnival with the "Free To B Riddim": A Sonic Eruption for Carnival 202… Read more

Dance Nice by Bunji Garlin & Romie Rome | Soca 2024

Carnival 2024 in Trinidad just got a whole lot hotter with the arrival of "Dance Nice," the infectious new collaboratio… Read more

Looking Over by Bunji Garlin & Travis World | Soca 2024

Damn, Bunji, and these thought-provoking songs. Once again, Bunji has penned a song that people are talking about. Most of the ti… Read more

Monsters by Bunji Garlin | Soca 2024

"Monsters" by Bunji Garlin, released in December 2023 on the Nicely Riddim for Trinidad and Tobago's 2024 Carnival.… Read more

Pass Around by Bunji Garlin | Soca 2024

This is new music from the Ragga Soca champion, Bunji Garlin. The song is entitled "Pass Around" and speaks truth to po… Read more

Tell Yuh Mudda Now by Bunji Garlin | Soca 2024

No disrespect to all other Soca artists out there; there is no one who can call the game the way it is played, like Bunji Garlin.… Read more

Entering Greenzland by Bunji Garlin | Soca 2024

Image via YouTube music video © Xpert Productions/Bunji Garlin . Released for Spicemas 2023, this is "Entering Greenzland&qu… Read more

Go Hard by Bunji Garlin x Panta Son | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube music video © Bunji Garlin. Now here is a cool song. It is titled "Go Hard" by Bunji Garlin from the … Read more

Hard Fete by Mr. Renzo | Spanish Remix

Image via YouTube Music Video © Mr. Renzo/DJ Avalanche/Julian Promos The people and culture of Trinidad & Tobago do not remai… Read more

Hard Fete for Road March 2023 | Trinidad Carnival

Image via YouTube Music Video © Bunji Garlin I make no apologies for this selection and post. Those who have crowned Nailah and S… Read more

All Night by Bunji Garlin x Fay Ann Lyons

Image via YouTube Music Video © Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell & Greg Hogan/Bunji Garlin x Fay Ann Lyons . Toss in the Vincy Soca … Read more

Bounce by Bunji Garlin x XplicitMevon | Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Bunji Garlin/XplicitMevon XplicitMevon has released the Viking of Soca! After listening to this s… Read more

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