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The Splendor of our National Instrument: Barrel by Mr. Desmond x Sokah2Soca

Summer has arrived, and today we bring some sunshine straight from Trinidad & Tobago. Trinidad & Tobago is known for its … Read more

Trinidad and Tobago Steelpan: Geographical Indicators - GI's

Pan sweet pan and yes, we are talking about the steelpan, the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. The steelpan is a uniqu… Read more

National Panorama Finals 2024: Medium & Large Conventional Bands

If you missed the National Panorama semi-finals for the medium and large conventional steelbands in Trinidad, you missed a specta… Read more

National Panorama Semis Medium and Large Bands 2024: Savannah Party

The National Panorama competition is the most prestigious event for steelbands in Trinidad and Tobago. The Savannah Party, which … Read more

Barrel on WACK Visual Radio 90.1 FM | Mr. Desmond

Image via Bing/LunaPic adjusted. Sunday afternoons are always special, especially in the Caribbean. Relaxing on a Sunday afterno… Read more

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