Faris Faris by Alicia Richards | Calypso 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Alicia  Richards 2023 Sokah2Soca along with Mr. Kenny Phillips of WACK Radio  90.1 FM are pleased… قراءة المزيد

Love You Better by Ayoinmotion ft. Edson Sean

Images via YouTube Music Video © Ayoinmotion I love you better and so much more than you can understand. Ayoinmotion x Edson Sean… قراءة المزيد

She's Too Young For 2MV - The Old School Soca Edition

Images via SoundCloud/DJ Adam 2MV & Background4free © DJ Adam 2MV   Sometimes one needs to did deep and look back in time to … قراءة المزيد

Tribe at Socadrome | Trinidad Carnival 2023

Images via Carnival Tribe © Tribe Trinidad and Tobago returned to a regular carnival schedule for 2023. The people breathed a sig… قراءة المزيد

Jamaica Carnival Mix 2023 by Team DJAM

Image via YouTube Music Video © KSR Media/Team DJAM Trinidad & Tobago's carnival is just a memory but you can make new ca… قراءة المزيد

Balance by Mata & Bronxx | Dennery Segment Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Mata, Bronxx & Boogy Rankss Can you balance on one side? Well hello to all my Dennery Segment… قراءة المزيد

Baron Tribute by DJ Aaron 868 | Tribute 30 Series

Images via Bing Images/Baron Tribute by DJ Aaron 868 © DJ Aaron 868 As we await our first mix from DJ Aaron 868, we decided to di… قراءة المزيد

DJ Aaron 868 Mixes | A Musical Tribute

Image via SoundCloud © DJ Aaron 868 'For the love of the music'... that is what Sokah2Soca is about and our goal is not o… قراءة المزيد

Sounds of Carnival/The Mix Up Vol 52 | DJ Kevin

Image from YouTube Music Video © DJ Kevin   It is Friday and today is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated around the world. Having… قراءة المزيد

Trinidad Carnival Road Experience 2023 | DJ Young Chow

Image from YouTube Music Video © DJ Young Chow   Never ever allow anyone or anything to take your joy away. Live love and be happ… قراءة المزيد

Post Carnival Relief 2023 | DJ Private Ryan

Image via YouTube Music Video © DJ Private Ryan  So, you had a damn good time; it was the best carnival ever! What a way to get o… قراءة المزيد

Hard Fete by Bunji Garlin Wins Road March 2023

Image via bing images/mikeylive © Bunji Garlin/N.M.G Music Yes! I really wanted Bunji to win the Road March title this year, and … قراءة المزيد

Parade of the Bands Trinidad 2023 | Hard Fete or Come Home

Compliments Trinidad & Tobago Television © TTT As you watch the parade of the bands, try and keep count of the plays for the … قراءة المزيد

Duane Ta'zyah O'Connor wins the National Calypso Monarch 2023

Photo © TUCO The Dimanche Gras show last night was named, "From Mud To Mas... The Metamorphosis". The show commenced, t… قراءة المزيد

BP Renegades Wins Panorama 2023

Image via BP Renegades Facebook  Page © bp Renegades BP Renegades won the National Panorama Title, for large conventional bands, … قراءة المزيد

Daddy Chinee wins Chutney Soca Monarch 2023

Image via Facebook/CSM Fantastic Friday featured Machel Montano in the North but down South, in San Fernando, the Chutney Soca Mo… قراءة المزيد

Sekel McIntosh Completes the Hattrick | Junior Soca Competition Trinidad 2023

Image via Facebook © Ministry of Education Trinidad & Tobago/Junior Soca Competition   Sekel McIntosh of Queens Royal College… قراءة المزيد

Shake the Place Remix by Machel Montano x Destra ft. Nicki Minaj | Road March Wars 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Machel Montano, Destra Garcia & Production Team   Road March wars are here and today Machel M… قراءة المزيد

Like Yuh Self by Machel Montano x Patrice Roberts for Road March 2023

Blended Images via Bing and YouTube Music Video © Machel Montano x Patrice Roberts Machel Montano x Patrice Roberts just dropped … قراءة المزيد

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