Crop Over Soca Starter by Dj Private Ryan: We must be in Paradise

Image via YouTube Music Video © Dj Private Ryan.   Occasionally, I am unable to distinguish between friends and enemies; however,… Read more

Come to the Beach by Rick Ram: Chutney artists doing Soca!

Image via YouTube music Video © Bad John Republic and G&N Label.   Today, we can proclaim that the culture and music of Trini… Read more

We Outside 38: Yung Bredda, Dj Hotty, SoundBoy Ryan & Pimpin

Image via YouTube Music video © Optimus Productions/We Outside Fans of Yung Bredda, Dj Hotty, and Pimpin will love how they prese… Read more

Aye Gyal is the signature Hey Choppi Soca vibe for the summer of 2024

Image via YouTube Music Video © AdvoKit Productions/Hey Choppi. Hey Choppi keeps getting better. Today, we feature his latest mus… Read more

Bleeding Heart Soca: How do I say I love you? | Dancing Away by Voice

Images via YouTube Music Video & Microsoft Copilot @Lunapic @Sokah2Soca/Voice. Love hurts. No, love is a beautiful thing. Hmm… Read more

Summertime Soca Mix Tape 2024 by ScottchBonnet

Image from YouTube mixtape © ScottchBonnet. Summertime in New York City is fun, and within the Caribbean communities in the US, i… Read more

Kes the Band: NYC Summer Stage 2024 Begins

Updated Image © Kes the Band New York City 2024, Summer Stage. Tomorrow, June 8, 2024, "De Girls Dem Darling," aka Kees… Read more

Trinidad Sounds: 1950's - 1960's | Big Band, Jazz, Latin and Calypso

Image from SoundCloud - "A Man Called Warwick" @Sokah2Soca. The music and culture of Trinidad and Tobago span decades. … Read more

The Splendor of our National Instrument: Barrel by Mr. Desmond x Sokah2Soca

Summer has arrived, and today we bring some sunshine straight from Trinidad & Tobago. Trinidad & Tobago is known for its … Read more

Fall In Love Again by Rikki Jai: Love Hurts

Image via YouTube music video © Rikki Jai/Rishi Lakhan Here we go with another victim of love. Yes, love hurts, and it does not m… Read more

Cool Down by Imran Nerdy: Everyone deserves some Bouyon in their life

Image via YouTube music video © Imran Nerdy/Vibez Productionz. The Lucian Bacchanal Carnival season is upon us, and in Saint Luci… Read more

Pray by Voice: Song for a lonely soul

Image via YouTube music video © Voice/Mega Mick Sometimes one can feel alone and isolated on an island devoid of answers to one&#… Read more

Soca iCandy 10 by Dj Close Connections: Groovy Soca Nice Eh!

Images via Dj Close Connections SoundCloud Page. I love my culture, and our people are amazing! This music is damn delightful, an… Read more

Build Ah Fence by Patrice Roberts x Busy Signal

Image via YouTube music video © Patrice Roberts/Rohan Rankine There is joy in music and a feeling of joy in one's soul when o… Read more

KES the Band: MWND the Album

Image via YouTube music video © KES the Band.  "Man With No Door," the long-awaited and much-anticipated album, has fin… Read more

Touch D Ground by Raymond Ramnarine: Inspired by the Guyanese People

Image via YouTube music video © Bakyard Studios. It has been a while since we posted a Chutney Soca song. We have not ignored Chu… Read more

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