KES the Band: MWND the Album

Image via YouTube music video © KES the Band.  "Man With No Door," the long-awaited and much-anticipated album, has fin… Read more

Touch D Ground by Raymond Ramnarine: Inspired by the Guyanese People

Image via YouTube music video © Bakyard Studios. It has been a while since we posted a Chutney Soca song. We have not ignored Chu… Read more

Unfold It by Imran Nerdy: Saint Lucia Soca 2024

Image via YouTube music video © Rankin Morgan of Dazzle Music.   Today we travel to the beautiful island of Saint Lucia to showca… Read more

Sha La La by Nessa Preppy x Freetown Collective

Sha La La by Nessa Preppy x Freetown Collective © SiGhost.   Nessa Preppy's upcoming album, "Little Miss Arima," fe… Read more

Susu Riddim Mega Mix: Problem Child, Motto, DYP, MKG, Swappi & Melick

Susu Riddim © Motto Music This is not your regular 'Susu-hand' where you save for a rainy day. This is music to save and … Read more

My All by Nadia Batson

Image via YouTube music video © Quiet Storm/Nadia Batson.   It is Friday, and we wanted a song to add some fanfare to usher in th… Read more

Calypso 2 Sweet by Dj Del: Long Live Kaiso

Image via YouTube music video © Dj Del. In today's society, all the fuss is about Soca music. Don't get me wrong, I love … Read more

Find Me Here by Sherwin Gardner: Uplifting Song for Seasons to Come

Images via YouTube Music Video © Sherwin Gardner. This song really did a number on me. I got emotional and teared up listening to… Read more

Motion by Nessa Preppy: A Sensual Musical Journey

Motion @Nessa Preppy © @AbeGotDatFueg o Nessa Preppy's album "Little Miss Arima" features the smooth track "Mo… Read more

Start D Party by Imran Nerdy | Saint Lucia Carnival 2024

Start D Party @ Imran Nerdy © Vibez Production   We have returned from a brief hiatus with an engaging Soca track that crushes th… Read more

Calypso by V'ghn | Spicemas 2024

Calypso @ V'ghn © V'ghn & MSK MuSIK @Sokah2Soca Calypso is Soca, and yes, Soca is Calypso. Nuff said! I refer to this… Read more

Best of Bouyon Mix 2024 by DJ Shakeelo: Nasty Business Part 2

Nasty Business Mix: Bouyon @ Dj S hakello It's time to diversify your Caribbean music playlist with some vibrant vibes from t… Read more

Open It by Lyrikal | New Soca 2024

Open It by Lyrikal © DJ Avalanche   It is Friday, and we have new music to start the weekend. In New York City, the weather feels… Read more

How Ah Like It by Problem Child | Vincy Mas 2024

How Ah Like It @ Problem Child © Added Rankin. You know the saying, "Problem is ah Problem" and yes, problems are a pai… Read more

Tell Me Nah by Valene Nedd

Tell Me Nah by Valene Nedd © Andrew "Hitz" Phillip. Can you feel it? Can you sense what is coming? Well, as the sun-kis… Read more

Lost in Soca 2024 by Dj Dylan: Heartbeat of Carnival hosted by MC Milli

Lost in Soca 2024 @ Dj Dylan @MC Milli   It is Sunday, and time to get lost in Soca once again. This is an excellent mixtape by D… Read more

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