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Copyright Kankalang | Charlies Records vs Angostura Trinidad Ltd.

Image via YouTube Music Video. Did you see the claim by Charlie's Records NYC that Angostura used the opening line from decea… Read more

Gimme Luv by Hey Choppi | Fall in Love Soca 2023

Soca music has so many sides. Power Soca, Groove Soca and a bunch of sub-genres for your listening pleasure. Today we feature the… Read more

Engine Room by Len Boogsie Sharpe X Donadoni

The twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a land of talented people. Our musical ambassadors continue to give us so much… Read more

Perfect Cadence | Pan in the 21st.Century Prelims 2023

Image via YouTube Video © Perfect Cadence Steel Symphony.   The magic of these instruments is captivating, and as a result, we pr… Read more

Arima Angel Harps | Pan in the 21st. Century Prelims 2023

Original image from YouTube Music Video © Arima Angel Harps. Did we mention that Steelpan music is a beautiful thing? Oh yes, we … Read more

SanCity Steel Symphony | Pan in the 21St. Century 2023

Image via SanCity Facebook page © SanCity Steel Symphony . Steelpan music is a beautiful thing indeed. Pan in the 21St. Century c… Read more

Patrice Roberts will be on the Road with Revellers | Toronto Carnival 2023

Image via facebook/DJSocaMonarchs © DJSocaMornarchs. North America is heating up with the change of weather, literally and figura… Read more

Unruly Mas Presents D'Spirits | Orlando Carnival 2023

Memorial weekend is here and that means Orlando Carnival is the event of the weekend for Caribbean culture lovers. The Orlando Ca… Read more

Temperature by WiLDXFiRE | St. Lucia 2023

'Temperature' is a catchy and upbeat song released by WiLDXFiRE that'll get you moving right away. This song depicts … Read more

How do Soca Artists Make Money? | A Message to DJ's & Radio Stations

Why ask this question when Soca artists are all over the world performing at shows and getting paid? Here is the thing: I am now … Read more

Miss Carnival Riddim feat. Jahllano & Hey Choppi

Today we are taking you back to 2022 to present two excellent songs that you may have missed, ignored or just forgotten because o… Read more

Top Ten Soca | May 18th - 24th., 2023

Today we present the Top Ten Soca chart for the period May 18th - May 24, 2023. We previously listed the chart as "Top Ten R… Read more

Shaggy & Kes on the Tamron Hall Show | Mood

Image © Tamron Hall Show The Tamron Hall Show is a popular and critically acclaimed talk show that features a mix of celebrity in… Read more

Spicemas 2023 | The Evolution

Images via © Spicemas Corporation 2023 . The theme for Spicemas 2023 is "The Evolution." This t… Read more

Limbo by Mr. Blood x Peter Ram | Crop Over 2023

Image via YouTube music video © Mr. Blood & Peter Ram Everything is Soca or something different marketed as Soca! Today, we p… Read more

Away by Marvay | Crop Over 2023

Kes wanted a "Mental Day" but in Barbados, while the feeling is the same, they experience mental breaks a little differ… Read more

Good Energy by Shornbeats feat. Double R & Killy | Dominica/Vincy Soca

Image via YouTube music video © Jussbusscamp Records "Good Energy" is a newly released song by Shornbeats, Double R, an… Read more

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