The Mighty Sparrow Soca Anthology: Dr. Bird


Here at Sokah2Soca we sometimes like to look back to a time when the lyrics meant everything to the song. Calypso is the father of Soca and today we reflect on the music of one of the greatest ever to sing Calypso, Slinger Francisco aka "The Mighty Sparrow". We think you will love this music compilation from VP Records. 
Now, don't be misled by the "Soca Anthology" printed at the top left of the album cover; the songs listed on this compilation are nothing but the best calypso tracks one can listen to in one setting from the 'Bird-Man'. 

From VP Records
Slinger Francisco aka The Mighty Sparrow aka Doctor Bird is a living legend and iconic entertainer with over 50 years in the business. Known as the ‘King of Calypso’ for many, The Mighty Sparrow has defined Calypso and Soca through the years with the countless hits he’s recorded. ‘Doctor Bird’ is a reference to the many awards that The Mighty Sparrow has received including an honorary Doctorate from the University of the West Indies. 
17 North Parade Presents 30 essential hits from The Mighty Sparrow on two CDs, packaged in a deluxe digipak, liner notes written by Rolph I.L. Warner, and a bonus DVD containing interviews with friends and Soca luminaries, Alvin Daniell, Roy Cape, Diana Rhyner, Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters, Ed Watson & Holly Betauder interspersed with vintage performance footage.

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Track List:

  1. Jean and Dinah
  2. Congo Man
  3. Obeah Wedding
  4. Mr. Bendwood Dick
  5. Sparrow Dead
  6. Sell The Pussy
  7. Mother-In-Law
  8. Willie Dead
  9. Tobago Girl
  10. Doh Drop The Tempo
  11. Gu Nu Gu
  12. Love African Style
  13. Mae Mae
  14. Only a Fook aka Only a fool breaks his own heart
  15. Lying Excuses
  16. Mother's Love
  17. Saltfish (Solfish)
  18. Maria
  19. Mas in Caracas
  20. Sixty Million French Men
  21. How Yuh Jammin So
  22. Wood In Fire
  23. Ah Fraid Pussy Bite Me
  24. Sparrow Water De Garden
  25. Wanted Dead or Alive
  26. Village Ram
  27. Whole Night We Jamming 
  28. Ten To One 
  29. Mr. Walker
  30. Drunk & Disorderly Medly

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