Panorama 2020 | Medium & Large Bands Trinidad & Tobago

The Queens Park Savannah aka the Big Yard is on fire today with the sweet sounds of the National Instrument. Today is the day that the finalists will be chosen from fourteen bands for each category in the Medium and Large bands categories. The sweet sounds of tuned steel drums will have fans of steel pan music in a frenzy. We invite you to join along with those who are at ground zero and find you path to pan glory listening with fans across the World via the Internet. Today is your day... enjoy the sweet sound of the steel pan!

The order of appearance of the bands listed to perform today are presented here compliments of Pan Trinbago and Sokah2Soca... Enjoy!

Photo/band listing © Pan Tringago Inc. T.C.
Photo/band listing © Pan Tringago Inc. T.C.

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