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Se Prendio La Vaina | Dulkfyah | Panama Carnival 2019

Famalay! Caribbean Soca is on the rise in Panama and if you did not know it well we will inform you here... they call is Socat… Read more

Famalay | English x Spanish Version (DJ Hothead) | 2019

Everyone knows the song Famalay and with the success of the track one would expect a Socatina version to drop soon. Well this… Read more

Hello (Razorshop Refix) | Superblue x Kes Ft. Allstars Brass

Today we have two superb songs, both ruled the airways when they were released for Carnivals in Trinidad and Tobago. Both song… Read more

Wasteman | Prez Gambino, Wetty Beatz & Problem Child | Saint Vincent 2019

Problem we have a problem! We are going to get to this right out of the box and to be honest, we don't feel Problem Child … Read more

Rum Punch | MaddZart | Saint Vincent Soca 2019

"Gyal, you creep up on me like rum punch"; and,  knowing that this was not planned to happen like this, it just show… Read more

Move Up | Hypa 4000 | Saint Vincent Soca 2019

Check this one out... it is a salt fish mas not a selfish mas! So move and let Hypa 4000 pass with his carnival anthem entitle… Read more

Oreo | Mad Skull | Saint Vincent Soca 2019

Here we go people; we have new music released for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Summer Carnival 2019. This one is entitled… Read more

After Carnival Groovy Soca Mix TnT 2019 | DJ Tony Tempo

The big dance is over and that post carnival depression has taken hold of the nation and those who traveled to the shores of T… Read more

Kaiso Jumpstart Mix Vol 3 | Mr. Desmond x Sokah2Soca

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is over but there is an abundance of awesome music that you may not have heard because of your h… Read more

Savannah Grass | RBTT Exodus | Panorama Finals 2019

Sometimes you need to step in crap to make a point; and, when it comes to Savannah Grass, the song, we will say that it was th… Read more

Stan The Dog Catcher | Kid Kallalloo | Kaiso Karavan 2019

Music is life, music is love, and it is this love for our culture and some serious persistence that led to this song being pro… Read more

Unbothered | Slatta | Carriacou/Spicemas | Grenada 2019

The spirit of Kayak Mas lives on to be reborn for Spicemas 2019. All music from Carriacou's Kayak Mas will be relevant for… Read more

Tombstone Remix | Mandella Linkz x Talpree | Grenada 2019

"When ah dead put Jab Jab on meh tombstone" , and please do a Jab dance as we celebrate the movement of Jab to anot… Read more

True Story | Lavaman | Grenada/Spicemas 2019

This is and early music release for Grenada's Spice Mas Summer Carnival. This one is entitled "True Story" sung … Read more

Melody | Ricardo Drue ft. Denice Millien | Antigua x Trinidad 2019

If you believed that because Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival is over that the new music releases will stop coming then we h… Read more

Take Control | Dynamite | SVG 2019

"Take Control" was released during the run up to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2019 on a Riddim entitled "Soca F… Read more

Whole Heart by Problem Child | Saint Vincent 2019

Image via YouTube Video . Whole Heart by Problem Child was released for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2019 on the 10X Over Rid… Read more

Kerwin Du Bois x Stadic x Black Starr | No Distraction

We posted this one when it was released last December for Trinidad and Tobago carnival 2019. Today we are going back to the w… Read more

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