Calypso Fiesta Order of Appearance 2019 | TUCO/Trinidad

It is that time again, the only show where toilet paper can become a missile if, and when, a Calypsonian bombs on stage. Just watch the toilet paper stream to the stage! Then again, this may not be the case because of the quality of this year's presentations. The joys and pain of each artiste will be on display at Skinners Park in San Fernando when Kaiso Fiesta takes off. This is the main event for Saturday February 23rd 2019 and we believe that this is going to be one to remember!

This post presents the order of appearance for the semi-final round of competition along with the song the Calypsonians are expected to sing. Keep it on hand to keep track of the forty (40) artistes who will be performing for a place in the finals.

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat is what is at stake tomorrow! Well we lied, a place in the finals is the ultimate goal; failure is not an option! However, having said the aforementioned,  every Calypsonian participating tomorrow is well aware that the toilet paper brigade will be there... see evidence of past Calypso Fiesta outcome below. No singer wants to be captioned ducking toilet paper. This is where we exit the stage; good luck to all those who want to be crowned top Griot for Carnival 2019.

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Order Of Appearance/Song:
Name of Singer
01. Winston Peters
02. Brian London
03. Heather Macintosh
04. Leslie Ann Ellis
05. Karen Eccles
06. Terri Lyons
07. Alicia Richards
08. Robert Elias
09. Victoria Cooper Rahim
10. Sheldon Reid
11. Tameka Darius
12. Erphaan Alves
13. Hollis Liverpool
14. Jelanie Wells
15. Maria Bhola
16. Mark Eastman
17. Addelon Braveboy
18. Karene Asche
19. Selvon Noel
20. Tammico Moore
21. Natasha Nurse
22. Devon Seale
23. Roger Mohammed
24. Dexter Parsons
25. Kerine Williams
26. Darwen Greenidge
27. Stacey Sobers
28. Joanne Rowley
29. Kurt Allen
30. Michael Osouna
31. Anthony Hendrickson
32. Ronaldo London
33. Allison Bernard
34. Jerrisha Regis Duncan
35. Alana Sinnette Khan
36. Duanne O'Connor
37. Kyle Cowie
38. Alex Gift
39. Sheldon Bullen
40. Roderick Gordon
Queen Victoria
Mistah Shak
Sexy Suzie
D Bodyguard
The Stinger
Last Badjohn of Kaiso
Sugar Aloes
Warrior Princess
Lady Watchman
Tobago Chalkie
Sheldon Nugget
When Elephants Fight
Who To Call
Take Over
Yuh Wanna Fight
She Still Have To Wait
Israel Concerns
Suspect Band
Weh Meh Trinidad
Oil Cyah Spoil
I Am
They Put Meh
Ah Tipping
False Alarm
Calypso Killer
Bring It Back
Loco And Broko
J'Ouvert Demon
De Crown
The Wrong Name
Two Face
Spanish Food
Slipping Away
Make T&T Great Again
Who Feels It Knows It
Wha Yuh Say
Super G
Where Are The Footprints
Man's Imagination
The You in You
Big Fat Zero
Pressure Does Buss Pipe
The Bigger Picture
Travel Advisory
Celebrate Them
El Muro (The Wall)
Name of Singer
1. Shirlane Hendrickson
2. Myron Bruce
Incredible Myron Bruce
Post and Position
The Rasta In Rasta

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