Groovy Soca Monarch Finalists Grenada | Spice Mas 2018

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Sometimes the preliminary and semi-final rounds of competition provide some of the best competition and drama. After all, there are twice as many artistes competing in the early rounds of competition for a place in the finals. Last nights competition lived up to expectations with fierce competitive performances to achieve the stated goal... win it all! The fans were not disappointed (level of talent on display) but not everyone left the venue happy when the results for the finals were announced. 

The Groovy Soca Monarch Semi-Finals took place at the Tanteen Sports Ground last night. We have the results of the thirteen finalists who will compete to dethrone the reigning monarch, Shondell Amada aka Dash.

The finals will take place on 'Bacchanal Friday' 08/10/2018 with a scheduled start time of 8:00 pm. The competition was good but there was one artiste who remained consistent from the preliminary round to the semi-finals. Jevaughhn John aka Vaughn, once again, emerged in first place for both rounds of competition. It will be a very interesting finals competition.

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  1. Vaughn
  2. Alma Boy
  3. Pappy Boi
  4. Scholar
  5. Boyzie
  6. Lil NattyThunda
  7. Blaka Dan
  8. Killa B
  9. Mandella Linkz
  10. Sheldon Douglas
  11. Shortpree
  12. Baracka
  13. Laura Lisa
Name of Singer
  1. Jevaughn John
  2. Kirton Roberts
  3. Damion La Pompe
  4. Finley Jeffery
  5. Jalon Olive
  6. Dingaan/Nyelon
  7. Wrenroy Ogiste
  8. Brendon Mc Kie
  9. MandelaMc Donald
  10. Sheldon Douglas
  11. Finber Andrews
  12. Micah Joseph
  13. Laura L Richardson
Name of Song 
  1. Trouble in the morning
  2. Ah Next Man
  3. Thank God for Soca
  4. Pum Pum
  5. Up In It 
  6. Tomorrow
  7. Loyal Side Man
  8. Wake Me Up 
  9. Tombstone
  10. Feeling Good 
  11. Best Part
  12. We Inside
  13. Privately
  1. 244
  2. 230
  3. 227
  4. 225
  5. 224
  6. 221
  7. 220
  8. 220
  9. 220
  10. 219
  11. 218
  12. 215
  13. 214
Here are the Studio Recordings (YouTube Videos) for the Groovy Soca Monarch Finalists 2018 that took place at Tanteen Sports Ground, Saint George, Grenada last night.

The performance that scored the highest points for the Semi-Finals

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