Waist Pun Fire | MarzVille x Skinny Fabulous | Barbados/St. Vincent 2018

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We have something that will set any music hall/fete venue or party scene on fire! This is Bouyon music by 'Sir Finarz' for Barbados Crop Over/Vincy Mas 2018. We are absolutely confident that you will love this one. This is not Soca (very similar) but Bouyon vibe created to stir us the carnival pot in the Caribbean Basin. The song is entitled "Waist Pun Fire" sung by MarzVille and Skinny Fabulous. This one will surely live up to its name...

Fans of MarzVille and Skinny Fabulous will be is fete heaven when the DJ drops this one for carnival 2018. It is time to say finally, we have music that captures the spirit of what carnival is all about, feting and enjoying life if just for that moment in time... party on people!

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Music Release Notes:
Webster defines the word signature as a distinctive mark, characteristic, etc that identifies a person or thing. The latest release from 'SirFingaz' of 'FingerzeRiddimHeatLab' accomplishes exactly that. The Bouyon and Zouk composition, accompanied by a medley of live instruments, is precisely what separates the Dominion-born producer from his peers. In the past, he’s developed a reputation for stepping outside of the box, merging a smörgåsbord of genres,  and ultimately creating his own unique sound; the apropos titled Signature Riddim follows suit. Presently the Riddim is home to one song.

“Waist Pun Fire”, a collaboration between 'MarzVille' and Skinny Fabulous, falls right in line with the musical and emotional tempo of this production. The instrumental coupled with stellar contributions from the artistes will undoubtedly speak to waistlines and hearts alike. While The Signature Riddim is representative of 'SirFingaz’s' idiosyncratic style, it is certainly comprehensive of the entire Caribbean, if not worldwide!

Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Waist Pun Fire
Riddim Name: SIGNATURE RIDDIM 2018
Performed by: MarzVille X Skinny Fabulous
Produced by: Alli "Sir Fingaz" Lawrence of FingerzeRiddimHeatLab).
Background Vocals:  Omar McQuilkin & Gamal Doyle
Written by: Omar McQuilkin & Gamal Doyle
Vocal Production: Gorgy Digital @ Superlynks Studios
Mixed by: Keron "Scratch Master" Hector
Mastered by: Keron "Scratch Master" Hector
Synopsis by: Makeda Jeffrey-Brizan
Copyright: COTT (Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago), Coscap
All Artwork by: SmallIslandmassive.com

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