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Morning After Riddim | Various Artistes | Trinidad & Tobago 2019

The Morning After Riddim was released for Carnivals in Grenada, Saint Vincent, and Barbados Summer Carnivals 2018. The songs o… Read more

Attitude | Holla Bak x Skinny Fabulous | Crop Over 2018/Trinidad C2K19

Photo ©JulianPromos The primal drive of a carnival party scene is to get into the fete, find a person of interest and find t… Read more

Hole | Jus D | Barbados 2018/Trinidad 2019

Photo © JulianPromos We have picked up on a song that was released for Crop Over 2018. We think that this one will be played… Read more

Bajan Style Crop Over Mix-Tape 2018 | Travis World x Barry Hype

Image is the property of © Julianspromos ©TravisWorldMusic ©BarrieHype Don't despair simply because you may be experienc… Read more

Juice | King Bubba | Crop Over 2018

Photo © Riddimcracker TM We have a new music from King Bubba FM for Crop Over Carnival 2018. In the past, we have been very… Read more

Fetulous | Mistah Dale | Crop Over 2018

Crop Over is on fire and Mr. Dale is throwing musical gasoline into the party scene. This is a production of Jus D sung by Mr… Read more

90 Degrees | Ricardo Drue | Antigua 2018/Trinidad 2019

No one will make excuses for the lyrical content presented for this song entitled "90 Degrees", sung by Ricardo Drue… Read more

Rhythm Of You | Biggie Irie | Crop Over 2018

It is the rhythm of life, the rhythm of you and you can rest assured that Biggie Irie has this vibe covered in fine style. … Read more

Gyal Owner | Blaxx | Crop Over 2018/Trinidad 2019

Photo Copyright Owner:  © Julians Promos Today I listened to a song and I immediately loved it; that is how I judge a song… Read more

Close Connections Crop Over Mix 2018

'Hold on' and 'show me the power'  because today we 'the anthem' for  Crop Over 2018. This one come… Read more

Madness Again | King Bubba FM | Crop Over 2018

King Bubba FM is on fire for Crop Over 2018. He has taken control of the Fire Torch Riddim with a selection entitled "Ma… Read more

Phone Ah Ring | Sekon Sta | Crop Over 2018/Trinidad 2019

This is new music for Crop Over 2018 from Trinidad and Tobago Soca artist Sekon Sta. This song is entitled "Phone Ah Rin… Read more

Crop Over Warm-Up Mix-Tape 2018 | Jus Jay | Barbados

If you have been in a tail spin and have not connected with the new music for Crop Over 2018 then this mix-tape will set the … Read more

Come Down | Porgie N Murdah | Crop Over 2018

Porgie N Murdah has a vibe for Crop Over that the locals will quickly and easily grasp but then again... good luck to those w… Read more

Kan-Dou | Peter Ram | Barbados Crop Over 2018

We are back posting for Crop Over Carnival 2018! This one was originally released for Antigua's carnival (late 2017) and s… Read more

Enjoy | Holla Bak x Machel Montano | Crop Over 2018/Trinidad 2019

It took a while but the Monk finally got involved in Crop Over 2018. This is new music for Barbados Carnival 2018 from the ver… Read more

Hobbie Class Peter Ram | Crop Over 2018

This is new music for Crop Over 2018. The song is entitled "Hobbie Class" sung by Peter Ram. This one has a vibe an… Read more

At Large | Marvay | Barbados Crop Over 2018

Today we play catch up with the new music released for Barbados Crop Over 2018. One of our favorite artistes along with our fa… Read more

Country | Biggie Irie | Barbados Crop Over 2018

Oh yes Red Boyz and Biggie Irie have a saucy one to play with for Crop Over 2018. This one is for those who simply love to gro… Read more

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