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Caption This | MaddZart x Aretha | Vincy Soca 2018

Here we go and now feels like Vincy Soca is taking off for Carnival 2018. This song is entitled "Caption This" sung … Read more

Small Circle | Egg Plant | Saint Vincent 2018

This is one of those songs that was originally scheduled for posting in the first week of the month but remained in the queue … Read more

Wange' (Fix It) | Freezy | Saint Lucia 2018

Fire on the hill! Teamfoxxmusic is on fire with this new Riddim entitled "Conch Shell Riddim". Today we feature a so… Read more

Party Start (Roadmix) | Skinny Fabulous ft. Gillo | SVG 2018

The original production was done by Eddie Grant and Nicholas Brancker for the track 'Bois Bande' by Gillo. 'Party … Read more

Pressure | Christopher Martin | Jamaica 2018

This is Christopher Martin out of Jamaica on the newly released 'Almanac Riddim' for Vincy Mas 2018. The song is simpl… Read more

Somebody Wife | Mason | Saint Vincent 2018

Let's be clear/make this statement from the start, we don't endorse 'wife larceny'! Let's say it again we … Read more

Don't Call Me Name | Sick-O | Spice Mas 2018

Sick-O is making a statement for his 'so called friends"! Simply put he is saying, "Don't Call Me Name"… Read more

D-Key (Remix) | Rome ft. Ravi B | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

Today we are in a Chutney Soca mood. This is the artiste known as "Rome" and his song is entitled "D-Key"… Read more

Ándele | LFS Music | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

This is new music out of Trinidad and Tobago from the 'Fete Island Riddim'; the song is entitled Ándele. It is a very … Read more

Up Straight | Skinny Fabulous | Saint Vincent 2018

If you ask Skinny Fabulous the secret to success then he will simply tell you to work hard, be honest and persevere! Do not … Read more

Sotrapica Vol 1 & 2 | 1st Klase | Trinidad and Tobago

We just could not let this one get by us without ensuring that our readers get a taste of the fantastic musical mind that is 1… Read more

Give Me Love | Samini | Ghana 2018

Oh yes we have another hot music release coming out of the Overseas Riddim produced by Jesse John of Optimus Productions TT L… Read more

Hard Core | Mr Bessor & M1 | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

Today we present another vibe from the very likable Riddim entitled "Overseas Riddim". This song is all about '… Read more

Something About You | Spade | Saint Vincent 2018

She is a beauty, natural beauty, African beauty and just like that you have to admit that there is something about this song e… Read more

Toe Low | Wetty Beatz | Saint Vincent 2018

This is new music from ace music producer "Wetty Beatz" for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines carnival 2018. Hold… Read more

Ah Ready | Verjal | Saint Vincent 2018

If you are ready for new Soca music from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines then you are in the right place. Today we present a … Read more

Blessings | Hance | Saint Vincent 2018

This one is entitled "Blessings" sung by the artiste known as "Hance". This is new music for Saint Vincent… Read more

Trouble | Tonick | Spice Mas 2018

Let's take a journey to the Spice Isle to sample a new music release entitled "Trouble" sung by the artiste know… Read more

Rock That Body | Fadda Fox | Crop Over 2018

We are back with an excellent track from the Overseas Riddim. This one is entitled "Rock That Body" sung by Fadda Fo… Read more

Fling It Up | Wendi & Dyson Knight | Bahamas 2018

This one can be considered a 'Road March Offering' coming out of the Bahamas. This is new music for the upcoming Baha… Read more

Pressure Start | Nikman | Crop Over 2018

This Riddim is centered on the ladies and with this offering we have the same theme delivered by the other songs on the Riddi… Read more

De Baddest | Scrilla | Crop Over 2018

This is new music for Crop Over 2018. The singer goes by the name "Scrilla" and his song is entitled, "De Badd… Read more

Trending | Shal Marshal | Crop Over/Trinidad & Tobago 2018

If you can  find yourself trending on Social Media, have a command of the time-line, then you have the opportunity to become f… Read more

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