Pressure | Christopher Martin | Jamaica 2018

This is Christopher Martin out of Jamaica on the newly released 'Almanac Riddim' for Vincy Mas 2018. The song is simply entitled, "Pressure" but to be honest, this vibe releases all inhibitions  and/pr party "Pressure".
This man can sing! This song has the best chance to do good things on the International market. The singer's voice is very relaxing. He delivers the vocals with feelings.

The feel/style of the vocals reminds me of Linky First's 'Rock and Come In '. We like this one a lot; yes, we really feel that this one; the vocals, music and singing style of the vocalist just feels right. This one has places to go...

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Music Release Notes:
Every Season bears its own fruit - as with Carnival across the Caribbean many songwriters and producers align for the common goal of expressing the many facets of festivity.  This project birthed from the studio of Karbon Jamz came as an instant winner to the production of house Kubiyashi; The added injection to infuse more creative energy on the project proved fruitful to satisfaction of both producers.

A  cocktail of voices, sounds, personalities and an explosion of vibes, the Almanac Riddim features popular local and international artistes.  The Almanac Riddim is a sweet and pleasurable introduction to Carnival 2018, preparing the way for all we have in store for Vincy Mas.

Christopher Martin in Jamaica was one of the first artistes to listen to the newly formed Riddim, and replied with a feel good Soca record entitled "Pressure".  Chris describing oh to well the crisis and struggle we all face when under the influence of a good wine! Jamaica Carnival is on the rise and this Riddim/record is everything that is needed while out and about enjoying the festivities the season has to offer.

Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Pressure
Performed By: Christopher Martin
Written By: Christopher Martin
Produced By: Karbon Jamz, Kubiyashi
Mixed & Mastered by: Scratchmaster

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