Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Results | Festival 2017

Here we are again, another Carnival, and believe it or not, we already have Carnival results for you! This post will document the Carnival results as they occur and become available. 

Please bookmark this post and check regularly as we keep the updates coming. Today we kick off the results with the finals results for the Panorama Single Pan finals. From a field of twenty finalists New Playboys Steel Symphony (292 Points) emerged as Champions for Carnival 2017. San Juan All Stars placed second with 289 points followed  by Woodbrook Playboyz with 287 points. We have listed the top twelve (12) places.

Newtown Playboys Symphony are the winners of the Single Pan Bands Panorama Competition for Carnival 2017 | Trinidad and Tobago
Name of Single Pan Band
  1. Newtown Playboys Symphony
  2. San Juan All Stars
  3. Woodbrook Playboyz
  4. Pan Jammers
  5. T&T Defence Force
  6. Shades In Steel
  7. La Creole Pan Groove
  8. Marsicans
  9. D Original Woodbrook Modernaires
  10. T& T Fire Services
  11. East Side Symphony
  12. Trinidad Nostalgic
  1. Carlton Harewood
  2. Atiba Joseph
  3. Michelle H-Watts
  4. Robert Tobitt
  5. Kion Robinson
  6. Dante Pantin
  7. Jamal Gibbs
  8. Marlon White
  9. Ankoina Paul
  10. Terrance Marcelle
  11. Lett & Harewood
  12. Amrit Samaroo
Song of Choice
  1. Get Something & Wave
  2. Johnny
  3. Total Disorder
  4. Different Me
  5. Get Something & Wave
  6. Showdown
  7. This  Melody Sweet
  8. Thunder
  9. Jump on the count of 4
  10. Ethel (1981)
  11. Pan In Danger
  12. Flag Party

Fireball Wins the NACC Young Kings Title for Trinidad and Tobago | Carnival 2017

The 33rd Annual Young Kings Competition was held at the Queens Park Savannah on Monday February 6th. 2017. The show was hosted by the NACC (National Action Cultural Committee) in association with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and The Arts. 

Twenty young singers competed tonight to be crowned "Young King Monarch for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2017"

Fireball, real name Rohan Richards won the NAAC Young Kings Title last night at the Queens Park Savannah. He sang a song entitled Calypso Music to take the title from the other nineteen contestants.

Here are the results:
Name of Singer
  1. Rohan Richards 
  2. Mark Eastman
  3. Devon Matthews
  4. Addelon Braveboy
  5. Marvin Lewis
  6. Sheldon Bullen
  7. Marlon Edwards
  8. Orlando Octave
  9. Dillon Thomas
  10. Kyle Cowie
  11. Aaron Duncan
  12. Nicholas Ashby
  13. Ezekiel Yorke
  14. Jerry Dane Sellier 
Stage Name
  1. Fireball
  2. D'Ladies Man
  3. Devon Matthews
  4. Banjela
  5. Mr. King
  6. Sheldon Douglas
  7. Marlon Edwards
  8. Orlando Octave
  9. Dilly Suede
  10. KC
  11. Aaron Duncan
  12. Nikko Ash
  13. Ezekiel Yorke
  14. Jadee
  1. Calypso Music 
  2. Trinbago Wake Up
  3. D Journey
  4. Wind of Change
  5. Legacy Music
  6. Voices from Beyond
  7. We Need Love
  8. Single
  9. Doh Take Dem Back
  10. Hail The Chief
  11. A Youth Pledge
  12. Ancestors freedom prayer
  13. The Upholder
  14. Play Nice
Kevan Calliste Wins the Junior Extempo Monarch 2017 | T'dad & Tobago

A Champion grandson! Grandson of Black Stalin repeats as Extempo Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2017!

The results are in and Kevan Calliste, grandson of Leroy Calliste aka Black Stalin repeated as the Extempo Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago. Congratulations are extended to Kevan and the Calliste family.

Chutney Soca Monarch & Worlds Ultimate Chutney Challenge Results for Carnival 2017 | Trinidad and Tobago

© Photo courtesy 103fm Trinidad

The Show went into the early hours of Sunday and when the results came it there was a sigh... it was a tie for first place. Omardath Maraj and Ravi B tied for first place with last year's winner, KI Persad, in third place. 

The real surprise of the nights proceedings was the surprise winner for the World's Ultimate Chutney Challenge. The surprise winner of the night came when Chris Garcia was judged winner of the first World's Ultimate Chutney Challenge.

Chutney Soca Monarch Winner(s):
1 - Omardath Maraj & Ravi B Karma
3 - Ki Persad

The prize monies awarded for 2017 are now as follows:
Chutney Soca Monarch
1st $500,000
2nd $150,000
3rd $75,000
4th – 10th $25,000 each

© Photo courtesy 103fm Trinidad

World Ultimate Chutney Winner
1 - Chris Garcia
2 - Rikki Jai
3 - Adesh Samaroo

The prize monies awarded for 2017 are now as follows:
The World's Ultimate Chutney Challenge 
1st $100,000
2nd – 10th $20,000

Sasha Ann Moses is the New National Women's Calypso Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago 2017
Here are the results for the top ten places... Sasha Ann Moses is the new National Calypso Queen of Trinidad and Tobago. Of course Calypso Rose will remain our honorary Queen for Life!

Sasha Ann Moses (2017 Women's Calypso Monarch)
Name of Singer
  1. Sasha Ann Moses (New Monarch)
  2. Wendy Garrick
  3. Kerine Williams-Figaro
  4. Terri Lyons
  5. Giselle Fraser-Washington
  6. Genisa St. Hillaire (Nisa)
  7. Tammico Moore (Spicey)
  8. Morisha Ransome
  9. Makeda Darius
  10. Alana Sinette
Name of Song
  1. The Main Witness (Winning Song)
  2. Fly Trinbago
  3. End of Days
  4. The Destructive Phrase
  5. The Argument
  6. The Market Place
  7. Missing You
  8. Chief Servant
  9. Baptism
  10. Sheletons
We don't have any live performances for the live show but we with the help of a friend (Vush), we have a few songs that were part of the show (from YouTube) for your listening pleasure. 

We have more Carnival results for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2017. These results are from the CNC3 news page.  The results are from the recently concluded Schools Soca Monarch Competition Junior & Senior Categories.

"Sibings Stephan Camejo of Sacred Heart Boy's School and Segio Camejo of Our Lady of Fatima College have topped the Junior and Senior categories of the National Schools Soca Monarch Competition. The competition was held at the Queen's Park Savannah on 02/17/2017".

Here are the results for the Junior and Senior Categories:

Junior Category
  1. Stefan Camejo - Sacred Heart Boys’ - Back On De Road
  2. N'janela Duncan-Regis - Eshe's Learning Centre - Rise
  3. Terry Perez - Arima Boys’ Government - Choose
  4. Sharla Grant - Lower Cumuto Government - Proud Trini
  5. Jason James -  Arima Boys’ Government - Victory Road
  6. Yirah McIntosh - Arima Boys’ Government - Eagles High
  7. Su-Yen Pantin -  Arima New Government - Why
  8. Zakima Grant - Lower Cumuto Government - Ah Want To Go
Senior Category
  1. Sergio Camejo - Our Lady of Fatima College  - Daz Yuh Business
  2. Osei David -  St. George's College - My way
  3. Denisia Martimbor -  St. Anthony's College - Feeling The Vybes
  4. Desle Julien -  St. Mary's College - We Lit
  5. Tsahai Corbin -  St. Joseph's Convent - Too Much Pressure
  6. Ethan Webb -  San Juan South Secondary - True Love
  7. Jennelle Ross - Tableland Secondary - Come Back Again
  8. Shernifa Gibbs -  Guaico Government Secondary - Wet Meh Down
  9. Oduduwa Aluko -  St. Benedict's College - Time of the year
  10. Tyrese Williams -  Holy Cross College - Not Too Young
Junior Panorama Results 2017

The Junior Panorama Competition took place on Sunday February 19th. 2017 at the Queens Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. It was a bitter sweet day for the Youth Pan Movement on their big day. The joy of competition was evident but that joy they experienced did not translate to the International audience. Unfortunately there was no International broadcast. In other words the competition was not on radio or any Internet feed. 

It is our hope that this will not happen again. Someone has to account for this travesty. It is a shame that we will have to wait another year to have the opportunity to experience this event again. At that time one would hope that better decisions are made and the Internet feed with exist. 

Now we have some of the results for the three categories of competition today. We will update the post with all the results as they become available.

Primary Schools Category
  1. St. Margaret’s Boys’ Anglican School Steel Orchestra - 277pts (Winner)
  2. St. Paul’s Boys’ Anglican Primary School - 274
  3. St. Mary’s Government Steel Orchestra - 273.5
  4. Gabrielites Steel Orchestra -269
  5. Febeau Pan Giants - 268
  6. Guaico Presbyterian Primary Steel Orchestra - 264
  7. Fifth Company Rising Stars - 259
  8. Tac Pres Treble Makers - 255
  9. Point Fortin A-C Starz - 253
  10. Bien Venue Presbyterian School Steel Orchestra - 242
  11. St. Finbar Girls’ R.C. Steel Orchestra - 235
  12. Carenage Boys’ Government Primary School Steel Orchestra - 234

Secondary Schools Category
  1. St. Francois Girls’ College Steel Orchestra - 275 pts. (Winner)
  2. B.A.T.C.E. Steel Orchestra - 266 pts
  3. St. Joseph Convent, St. Joseph - 258 pts
  4. Providence Girls/QRC Steel Orchestra - 255 pts
  5. Symphony of Saints (St. Mary's College & St. Joseph's Convent) - 251 pts
  6. South East Port-of-Spain Secondary School Steel Orchestra - 250 pts
  7. Bon Air Beacons Steel Orchestra - 248 pts
  8. El Dorado East Secondary “Blue Steel” - 247 pts
  9. Goodwood Secondary School Steel Orchestra - 224 pts
  10. Non Schools - (Elite Category)

Elite Bands Category - (Non Schools)
  1. Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra - 267 pts. (Winner)
  2. Desperadoes Youth Steel Orchestra - 267 pts
  3. Invaders Youth Steel Orchestra - 266 pts
  4. St. Margaret’s Youth Steel Orchestra - 265 pts
  5. Supernovas Youth - 263 pts
  6. St. Joseph's Convent, San Fernando (SJC)/Blue Steel Combined - 261 pts
  7. Trinidad All Stars Youth - 260 pts
  8. Success Stars Pan Sounds - 259 pts
  9. Sangre Grande United Youths - 258 pts
  10. birdsong Academy - 255 pts
  11. Trinity All Generation Steel (TAGS) - 253 pts
  12. LH Pan Academy - 250 pts
  13. San Fernando West/Old Tech Youths - 238 pts
  14. Harmonites Juniors - 237 pts
  15. Laventille Road Police Youth Club - 227 pts

Shervonne Rodney | Junior Calypso Monarch Trinidad 2017

Shervonne N.A. Rodney dethroned last year's winner Sharissa Camejo with a song entitled "Misconceptions". She is the new Junior Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago.

Shervonne Rodney is a student of the Arima Central Government School who managed to win the competition from a field of fifteen contestants at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. 

The results are as follows:
  1. Shervonne N. A. Rodney - Misconceptions (Winner)
  2. Sharissa Camejo
  3. Desle Julien 
19 year old sixth form student of the Arima Central Government school, Shervonne Rodney, has copped the 2017 Junior Calypso Monarch.

Arima Panorama Results 2017

Arima Angel Harps Preliminary Judging Photo at Pan Yard, Olton Road and EMR, Arima

Today we present the winners of the Arima Panorama Competition compliments of When Steel Talks. The Panorama was hosted by the Arima Carnival Committee and Pan Trinbago. The competition took place on Monday February 20th. 2017 at the Arima Basketball Court.  Sokah2Soca extends congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated in the event. 

Here are the results for the Single Pan Bands. Marsicans emerged as winners (repeat champions).
Name of Band 
1. Marsicans
2. Arima All Stars
3. Trinidad Nostalgic
4. Nu Pioneers Pan Groove
5. Pan On The Move
Name of Song
1. Thunder
2. Get Something & Wave
3. Flag Party
4. Drive It
5. Oh God! Oh God!
Points Scored
1. 280
2. 275
3. 273
4. 265
5. 264
Here are the results for the conventional bands. We had a tie for first place... Melodians and Angel Harps.
Name of  Band
1. Melodians
1. Arima Angel Harps
3. Arima Golden Symphony
4. Simple Song
Name of Song 
1. Um Bay Yao
1. Far From Finished
3. Champions
4. In De Minor
Points Scored
1. 290
1. 290
3. 284
4. 270
Selwyn John is the King of the Gayelle 2017 | Stick Fighting

Trinidad and Tobago has a new Stick Fighting Champion for 2017. The Stick Fighting Competition is growing in popularity every year. This competition takes place every Carnival and for festival 2017 the finals took place at Skinner Park in San Fernando on February 22nd. 2017.  

A new winner was crowned when Selwyn John prevailed over last year's champ O'Neil Odo was dethroned. The competition was not without controversy because Odo believes that he was cheated. Read the full article from the Trinidad Express Newspaper below.

Here is the link to the Trinidad Express Newspaper Article:

Kaisorama Results | Trinidad and Tobago 2017

The Competition took place this evening at the National Academy For The Performing Arts (NAPA). The results for each category is as follows:

Social Commentary
Name of Singer
  1. Terri Lyons
  2. Sasha Ann Moses
  3. Lornette Nedd-Reid
Name of Song
  1. The Phrase
  2. Main Witness
  3. Guilty
Political Category
Name of Singer
  1. Maria Bhola La Caille
  2. Victoria Cooper-Rahin
  3. Selvon Noel 
Name of Song
  1. My First Lady
  2. The Call To Prayer
  3. Twilight Zone
Humorous Category 
Name of Singer
  1. Myron Bruce
  2. Heather Mac Intosh
  3. Haven Charles
Name of Song
  1. More Bad Than Me
  2. The Finger
  3. Nice Toes
Extempo Category
Name of Singer
  1. Winston 'Gypsy' Peters
  2. Phillip 'Black Sage' Murray
Sang on Topics

Small Conventional Bands Panorama Results for Carnival 2017

The National Panorama finals for small conventional bands took place last night at Skinner Park in San Fernando, Trinidad. La Horquetta Pan Groove emerged as Small Conventional Band Panorama Champions for Carnival 2017.

Here are the results:
Name of Band
 1. La Horquetta Pan Groove
 2. Laventille Seremaders
 2. Arima Golden Symphony
 4. Our Boys
 4. Fascinators Pan Symphony
 6. Tobago Pan-Thers
 7. Petrotrin Siparia Deltones
 7. Tamana Pioneers
 9. T&Tec New E. Side Dimensions
 9. Tornadoes
11. Uptown Fascinators
11. C& B Crown Cordaans
11. Old Tech
14. Fusion Steel
14. Longdenville Claytones
Name of Song
 1. In De Minor
 2. First Place
 2. Champions
 4. Good Morning
 4. Unforgettable
 6. Cheers To Life
 7. Burn Dem
 7. Dollar Wine
 9. Wine On Something
 9. Spankin
11. Good Morning
11. Flag Party
11. Ooh La La
14. Magic Drum
14., Soca Bptist
  1. 277
  2. 274
  2. 274
  4. 272
  4. 272
  6. 271
  7. 269
  7. 269
  9. 269
  9. 268
11. 266
11. 266
11. 266
14. 264
14. 264

International Soca Monarch Winner 2017 is Voice

The results are in and we have a repeat Monarch! Aaron "Voice" St. Louis retained his title as International Soca Monarch for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2017.

Voice performed at position number 21 and sang his very popular song entitled "Far From Finished". Voice prevailed over second place contestant Orlando Octave who sang his YouTube monster views song 'Single'. Devon Matthews placed third followed by the very popular Iwer George with his song entitled "Take Ah Bathe". 

Here are the top four positions:
  1. Aaron "Voice" St. Louis (Repeat Monarch/Winner)
  2. Orlando Octave
  3. Devon Matthews
  4. Iwer George
Here is the official music video for "Far From Finished".  This is the song that won the title for Voice to crown him the International Soca Monarch for Trinidad and Tobago's 2017 Carnival. 

Panorama Results | Medium and Large Bands Trinidad & Tobago 2017

These are the results for the Medium and Large Conventional Steel Bands | Trinidad and Tobago Panorama Competition 2017

It was 'Pan in Yuh Pwefen' for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2017 at the Queen's Park Savannah Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Twenty one Medium and Large Conventional bands performed before the judges and their adoring fans for the privilege to be called Champion Panorama Band for Carnival 2017. 

It was a warm night with high concentrations of adrenalin coursing through the veins of the pan-players. Band after band with pans being massaged to bring out sweet harmonious sounds to bewitch the listening audience. After all was said and done, pans pushed on and off the stage one mighty band celebrated for each category. We were there, if only in spirit, to witness it all. We did not have a physical presence but because of WACK Radio 90.1 FM's Television coverage we felt like 'we were there"!

We picked a few performances to leave some notes on here. Invaders was impressive tonight. The energy was impressive and the musical arrangement never fell off.. it was a performance to remember! Indeed, Invaders 'hold dem and wuk dem' for sure.. wow! Well if you think that Invaders was awesome then the performance by Renegades was off the charts! What an amazing performance... phew! Then came All Stars, they brought some serious energy to their performance. The crowd went crazy and the realization was that they could do no wrong! Exodus closed the show with a very credible performance playing 'Good Morning' at 3:00 am. Morning is here and we await the results. The judges had the final say...

Indeed the judges had the final say and maybe it was  the energy of All Stars that wowed the judges. Having said that, we at Sokah2Soca have concluded that our winner for Panorama 2017 was Renegades... they were different and it is the one performance that caused us to say... Wow!

Here are the results for the Medium Conventional Bands for Trinidad and Tobago Panorama 2017: Pan Elders Win
Name of Steel Band
1. Pan Elders
2. Curepe Schernando
3. NLCB Buccooneers
4. Petrotrin Katzenjammers
4. Melodians
4. NLCB Valley Harps
7. NGC Couva Joylanders
8. NGC Steel Xplosion
9. Pan-Demonium
9. Courts Sound Specialists
Name of Song
Roti & Talkari
Total Disorder
Good Morning
Umb Ba Yao
Total Disorder
Band of the Year
Wet Mih Down
Cheers To Life

Here are the results for the Large Conventional Bands for Trinidad and Tobago Panorama 2017: Massy All Stars Win
Name of Steel Band
 1. Massy All Stars
 2. Desperadoes
 3. BP Renegades
 4. Exodus
 4. Invaders
 6. PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars
 7. Skiffle
 8. Phase II Pan Groove
 8. MHTL Starlift
10. FCB Supernovas
11. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps
Name of Song
Full Extreme
Good Morning
Good Morning
Good Morning
Full Extreme
We Are Conquerors
Good Morning
Red, White & Black
Good Morning
Rumble in the Jungle

Calypso Monarch Results for Trinidad and Tobago 2017

Chalkdust Wins Number Nine | Calypso Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago 2017

What happened at the Queen's Park Savannah last night?  Kaisorama was exciting and fun but the Calypso Monarch Competition bordered on boring last night. Who hit the mark?  Well I can't say because I was a little numb watching the show. It came to an end and I was wondering who won? 

From the onset I had two contestants that I thought could win it based on the performances at the semi finals aka Kaisorama. I picked Terri Lyons and Dr. Hollis Liverpool aka Chalkdust. They both performed well but so did many of the singers. Something was missing from the show but that did not take away from the feeling of joy the winner experienced.

Waiting on the results was like a visit to the dentist to have a tooth removed. It could have been done better but the tribute to the Icons did not move along smoothly. The performances by the guest singers lacked conviction and it felt like they wanted to get off the stage quickly. Bunji Garlin's voice needs rest, Fay Ann was good but someone forgot to turn on the volume to Super Blue's microphone! Kreesha Turner, Ormardath Maraj, Raymond Ramnarine and Ravi B tried to add some life to the event but the stands appeared to be empty already.

Then came the results... Dr. Hollis Liverpool now stands alone with the most wins as Calypso Monarch for Trinidad and Tobago. Chalkdust won title number nine breaking a tie with the Mighty Sparrow. Sokah2Soca extends congratulations to Dr. Liverpool on his victory tonight. 

The New Calypso Monarch For Trinidad and Tobago 2017 is Dr. Hollis Liverpool aka Chalkdust!
Name of Singer
  1. Dr. Hollis Liverpool (New Monarch)
  2. Karene Asche
  3. Heather Mac Intosh
  4. Terri Lyons
  5. Rondell Donawa
  6. Devon Seale
  7. Roderick Gordon
  8. Victoria Cooper-Rahim
  9. Lynette Steele
  10. Anthony Hendrickson
  11. Weston Rawlins
  12. Winston Peters
  13. Kurt Allen
  14. Sasha Ann Moses
  15. Lornette Nedd-Reid
  16. Megulla Simon
  17. Marsha Clifton
Name of Song
  1. Learn from Arithmetic
  2. Caught in the Whirlwind
  3. Games
  4. The Phrase
  5. Lip Service
  6. I Carmona
  7. Wah Yuh Doing
  8. The Call To Pray
  9. Plight of My People
  10. To Be An Icon
  11. Final Send Off
  12. Angry Land
  13. My Corn Tree
  14. Main Witness
  15. Guilty
  16. Still Colonial
  17. Social Media
  1. 439
  2. 423
  3. 416
  4. 415
  5. 209
  6. 408
  7. 405
  8. 402
  9. 400
  10. 399
  11. 383
  12. 380
  13. 378
  14. 375
  15. 370
  16. 364
  17. 353

Road March Competition Results Trinidad and Tobago 2017

The results are in and it was a massacre for the 2017 Road March Competition in Trinidad and Tobago. The Monk was severely beaten by the Rejects. Full Extreme by the Ultimate Rejects bludgeoned the competition. 

I am sure that not even Machel Montano expected this... do you remember the video of him talking about the Road Macrch locked (Beat It). I said from the beginning that "Your Time Now" was the better song and that he should have promoted it instead of looking to release a 'super track'. However, everyone expected a second song and that they got but it was to no avail. 

This was an epic trashing... the results speak volumes for what the people wanted. Full Extreme destroyed Machel Montano... the Monk has to retreat and recuperate!

Here are the Official Results:
  1. Full Extreme - 556 plays
  2. Your Time Now - 72 plays
  3. Beat It - 18 plays
Watch the video, especially his facial expression, as he announced that he was working on his Road March Song to win the Road March Competition. How did that work out?

Parade of the Bands Carnival Results Trinidad and Tobago 2017

Photo Copyright Owner ©looptt

Today we present the National Carnival Commission Parade of the Bands Results for Trinidad and Tobago Festival 2017. All results are from the NCC Website @ NCC/Results. The Video presentation is compliments of Looptt.

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