How Yuh Goin'? Goin' Good! | Yuh Is Ah Trini

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Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #119
Yuh is ah Trini | How Yuh Going? Going Good!

Damn right, I am a Trini and one who loves the way we speak. I am so amused, at times, when I hear my fellow country citizens speak here in New York City. It simply does not sound or feels right. Sometimes I mention to them that they simply don't sound Trini anymore and they appear to be pleased that they don't! Well, I am not of that pedigree, I believe that we sound awesome when we speak and especially when we use our Trini Idioms.

The way we speak is so special, and the way we twist words and phrases around creates delightful parlance that is signature Trinidadian English or as I like to say, 'Triniglish'. I simply love it and always take the opportunity to try and explain what the phrase means when I see the look of confusion on the other person's face. Recently I realized that many Trinidadians can't explain some of the phrases. I know that is real because it is my experience with many Trinidadians and also because there are a few that I have to call back home to get an explanation from those in the know.

Today I am going to explain a very simple one but one that is used daily by just about every Trinidadian even those who are so willing to shed their twang for the American style dialect. Today we are dealing with the phrase "How Yuh Goin' and the response, Going Good". Say it and then think about it. I am sure you have said it many times but never gave thought to the meaning or how another person may perceive the meaning of the phrase. This is your opportunity... say it again and verbalize it with a loud voice. Listen to yourself then say the meaning and put it in context.

Ah ha... does it mean 'how are you going' as in 'is everything OK with you? Yes or no? Maybe it could mean 'how are you going' as in what mode of transportation that you intend to use to get from one place to another! Now you can understand why I love the way we speak - Trinidadians, my people, speak so sweetly. When you listen it is like music to a song and it rolls off our tongues and lips with such ease.

Two friends, who have not seen each other for some time, meet and greet each other. One says, "How yuh going" and the other readily responds with "Going good'. Right there and then both parties smile, shake hands or embrace each other knowing that everything is just fine. The conversation may then take them to a place where they could sit and lime (Lime: to hang out/chill with friends) for a while and catch up on the things they both encountered since they last saw each other.

On the other hand, we have two friends who made plans to go to an event or simply go and lime in a club, bar, or fete that may be in another town that requires some form of transportation. The conversation may go like this. "How yuh going?" The response may be, "Going good" but the other person may reply, "that is good but I meant how are you going to the venue". The response may be, "Well I was hoping that I could mop ah drop with you" ('mop ah drop' is our way of saying to share a ride)!

Now, don't you think that the way we speak is something special?  I never, ever want to lose the way I speak regardless (see Triniglish at work... it should be regardless) of what people may think of my sentence structure - whatever! So for you bogus Trinis (sell-out 'Fresh Water Yankees') reading this - "So, how yuh like meh now"?

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