International Panorama Competition Today! | Trinidad 2015

Today is the day that specially invited steel-bands and winners of  National Panorama Competitions will competed for pan superiority. This is the first international competition for the steel-bands that takes the Panorama Carnival Format. 

The judging rules are International in nature with an International panel of judges overseeing the competition.The high and low scores will be removed and the final score tabulated from the six remaining adjudged scores. The final results cannot be protested!

Usually bands in Trinidad and Tobago have more than 100 players but for this competition the bands have been limited to 60 (sixty) players. Many bands that don't have the amount of players can fill the void with players from Trinidad and Tobago; however, 75% of the players must come form the country of the band's origin.   

Payment issues:
Some people have paid for the show and got their log in information without issue. My experience has not been a good one. I paid using PayPal but I have not received any log in information. Help is scarce and emails to Worldcast Live Inc. have proven to be fruitless. I am not the only person with this issue. The When Steel Talks site have similar complaints. The people in Trinidad responsible for this show don't seem to care much about this issue.  Those who have issues getting the code should first check their junk mail. Some email programs are recognizing the e-mail as junk. Please check your junk mail before panic sets in...

For those who cannot get the Live Video Feed there is still hope; you can LISTEN to the show, starting at 3:00 pm today, from Vibe CT 105. Here in the link to the station via the Tunein website:

Here is another link from Brien's Trinidad Radio Page:
Vibe CT 105/Brien's Trinidad Radio Page

Here is the order of Appearance:
Name of Band | Country | Song | Arranger
  1. Gunslingers Steel Orchestra | St. Martin | Pan Revival | Aldric Benjamin
  2. Renegades Steel Orchestra| Trinidad & Tobago | Like Ah Boss | Duvone Stewart 
  3. Steel Xplosion | Trinidad & Tobago | Thunder |Arddin Herbert 
  4. Calypsociation Steelband | France | Prophet of Pan | Mathiew Borgne & Laurent Lalsingue
  5. Mosaic Steel Orchestra | Virginia, USA | Pan In A Rage | Jit Samaroo
  6. Curepe Scherzando | Trinidad | Bassman | Yohan Popwell
  7. Ebony Steelband | England/UK | Ah Feeling | Duvone Stewart
  8. Phase II Pan Groove | Trinidad | Woman on the Bass | Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
  9. Pan Elders Steel Orchestra | Trinidad & Tobago | Party Time Again | Duvone Stewart
  10. Panorama Steel Orchestra | Japan | Dance of Phoenix | Yuoshiro Harada
  11. UWI Panoridim Steel Orchestra | Jamaica | Ten Commandments of Pan | Orane Shaw
  12. Supernovas Steel Orchestra | Trinidad & Tobago | Dr. Samaroo | Amrit Samaroo
  13. Pan Fantasy | Lucy | Canada | Al "Allos" Foster
  14. Buccooners Steel Orchestra | Trinidad & Tobago | Gold | Seion Gomez
  15. Brooklyn Steel Orchestra | New York, USA | Ah Feeling | Odie Franklin & Mark Brooks & Kendall Williams
  16. Trinidad All Stars | Trinidad & Tobago | Curry Tabanca | Leon "Smooth" Edwards
  17. Exodus | Trinidad & Tobago | De 'Puna Band | Pelham Goddard
  18. Pantime Steel Orchestra | Saint Lucia | Auinty Pam | Amrit Samaroo
  19. Silver Stars Steel Orchestra | Trinidad & Tobago | Edwin's Legacy | Liam Teague
  20. Pan Coalition | Maine, USA | Outta De Box | Nigel Chase
  21. Arima Golden Symphony Steel Orchestra | Trinidad | Ah Feeling | Terrance "BJ" Marcelle
  22. Starlift Steel Orchestra | St. Vincent & the Grenadines | Teaser | Duvone Stewart
  23. Tropical Angel Harps | Trinidad & Tobago | Pan for Beethoven | Clarence Morris
  24. Salah's Steelpan Academy | Canada | Outta De Box | Salah Wilson
Link Here for the results: Massy Trinidad All Stars wins the first International Panorama Competition

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