Dey Sticking | Shadow | Trinidad & Tobago 2015

This is music from the Great Shadow one of Trinidad and Tobago's greatest music innovaters who simply can't get his due. In this song he sings about his story and difficult road he has to travel to get any kind of recognition for his contributions to the culture in Trinidad and Tobago. Listen to the man as he uses his Shadow vibe to deliver his story!

Music Release Notes: 
The Mighty Shadow releases 'Dey Sticking' for Carnival 2015. We have unfortunately become all too familiar with the fact that the great icons in our country seem to only be recognized after they have already passed on. It begs the question:

"Shadow I want to know about doctorates in Calypso, they sharing it from North and South, Shadow how come they leave you out? ...Something wrong

With his usual controlled grandeur, we have come to expect prolific lyrics and dry wit from The Mighty Shadow and this track does not disappoint. He sheds light on what it means in this country to be a major cultural icon:

They'll give me my piece of pie, they only waiting until I die
They trying to fool me, like they think I stupidee
They want to read eulogy, something they wrote for somebody
He was a good man, a very good man
The late man, was a great man
And if you walk bad and doing bad things to survive,
As soon as you close your eyes, they find you good they start to cry....

Production Notes:
Song Title: Dey Sticking
Performed by: Shadow
Written by: Winston "Shadow" Bailey
Produced by: Sharlan Bailey and Winston Bailey 

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