Can Destra dethrone Kerwin & take the Groovy Title 2015?

Who is brave enough to bet against Kerwin Du Bois to repeat as Groovy Soca Monarch for Carnival 2015? Maybe you are thinking it is too early to call it... I don't think it is too early and will go on record for this competition. Destra Garcia, a damn sweet song entitled "Lucy" and mix in De Red Boyz out of Barbados... I like Destra to win the Groovy Soca Title for 2015!

No one, but Kerwin and a few close associates, know the song that he will defend his title with at the National Stadium and he has a crop of really excellent songs! However, I am liking Destra's chances the more I listen to Lucy. I am man enough to pick my winner early - Destra with Lucy!

Whoa, hold on now don't kill the messenger/stop laughing your pwefen off, OK! Go and listen to Destra's song and think about it for a moment. I know that the Red Boys produced, in my opinion, the best Groovy track this year and guess who sang it? Yes Mr. Kerwin Du Bois and yes I am talking about 'Love Up'. However, I don't see Kerwin singing 'Love Up' to defend his title. He needs something that is a little up tempo to deliver on his performance with the dancers on stage. He has many songs from which to plan his attack: Magnetic, Circles, Ridiculous, D Influence or No Apology (he should defend with this song).  He (Kerwin Dubois) is very talented and can repeat again for sure however....

Destra Garcia has a song called "Lucy" also produced by De Red Boyz out of Barbados. These guys produce music that bleeds niceness and groove! This competition is all about Groove Soca and De Red Boyz can take it all with Destra and Lucy! 

Some people think that Olatunji with "Ola" or Benjai with "Phenomenal" can do the job but let's say that they all have very good songs to win... we now need to ask, what else is needed to crown the monarch? Here it is... Stage presence and vocal delivery of the song on that special night. No shouting or talking to the audience just a sweet singing performance to wow the judges and those in attendace. I am confident that both Kerwin Du Bois and Destra Garcia can and will give us the performances of their lives. Looking back, one can assume from past Soca Monarch appearances that they will provide stellar performances. Let's see how Olatunji and Benjai handle the stage... stage presence is so important. An excellent recorded song (with all the fixings that a good producer can provide) can become a bust on stage if not delivered in the right manner.

I am aware that with the exception of Kerwin Du Bois none of the other artists are in the finals yet and you can say that I am counting my chickens before the eggs hatch. However, I am confident that Destra will get to the finals - then the fun begins!

So what do you think? I am confident that if the stars align for Destra (she so damn unlucky in these competitions) she can win the competition. The Red Boyz have given her a damn excellent production and one hopes that the stage band can come close to the Red Boyz style. Kerwin Du Bois is a fantastic talent and I respect the man. He can repeat again. But lady Destra, armed with "Lucy" and the mastery of De Red Boyz, can win this competition. 

I will not be surprised if Destra takes the Groovy Soca Monarch title. I will not pull this post if Destra does not win. I will take my licks like a man. However, I am very confident because Destra can sing and perform better than most while 'Lucy' has the vibe, the groove, the spirit of Carnival and the music excellence of the Red Boyz to get the job done!  

Join the conversation and let us know what you think will happen. All comments will be posted. Regardless of the commentaries good, bad or indifferent!

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