Soca Wedding | Zan & Patrice | Trinidad & Tobago 2015

No need to fear the good songs are on the way and this is one of them. This is new music from Zan and Patrice for Trinidad and Tobago's carnival 2015. This song follows on the heels of another good song done by KMC entitled "Found Love". This one takes it one step further and today we present the end product, "Soca Wedding". This is a nice track!
Zan and Patrice, now that is a surprise and a damn good one too! These two artists harmonize well and the result is an excellent track. This what many folks have been looking for a nice track that does not praise wining and jamming and flags and rags in the air or the portrayal of a woman's derriere as a 'bumper'. This is good song writing and excellent singing.

Well done Advokit Productions. Excellent song! Please use the comment feature of this Blog-post to leave your thoughts about the song. All comments will be posted.

Music Release Notes:
A true love story never ends and in most cases goes beyond the expected and unexpected. A love story that blossoms into something beautiful transcends into a marriage and commitment to genuine emotions. Anyone who has experienced love will echo the same sentiments; it takes work, time, patience and energy. A recent union of talents between Patrice Roberts and Joel "Zan" Feveck has led to them sharing their'Soca Wedding'; a groovy soca track.

Since their collaborations for 'Always Be' and 'Til Morning' in 2006 and 2007 music lovers and their supporters have been requesting another Soca ballad...Finally they have delivered. "The musical chemistry between us is insane and can always be felt in the songs we do together" shared the duo. As they described their 'Soca Wedding' they both expressed the importance of remembering love by saying, "We need to be reminded of love and where it started."

Produced by Advokit Productions and written by Zan, Patrice, Emmanuel Rudder and Kit Israel, 'Soca Wedding' will guide lovers down memory lane and has the power to reignite old flames. Their hope is to, "Add a different sound to the entertainment industry while remaining true to what they love; music." While they are not married to each other or to anyone else they both can relate to their recent duo. Their love for Soca, the work, time, patience and energy that they invested into their 'Soca Wedding' is evident.

- Where there is love, there is life - Mahatma Gandhi
(c)Adanna Asson

Production Notes:
Song Title: Soca Wedding
Written by: Joel Fevek, Patrice Roberts, Emmanuel Rudder & Kit Israel. 
Performed by: Zan & Patrice
Produced by: Advokit Productions
Mixed by: ***
Mastered by: ***

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