Remedy | Machel Montano | Trinidad & Tobago 2015

Pre-release update:
Machel Montano will debut his first release for Carnivals in 2015 today! The song, to be released for Trinidad and Tobago's carnival 2015 is entitled "REMEDY". Remedy, produced by Precision Productions, is expected to jump start the Soca season that has been littered, to date, with some not too exciting music releases. 

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the hype is real and that Precision and Machel can deliver a shot of music adrenalin as Halloween approaches here in the Big Apple! I am absolutely certain that the radio stations can't wait to drop this track later today in Trinidad and Tobago. 

We are no different here at Zagada, and as soon as the song becomes available, we will post it for your listening pleasure. The song is expected to be released on the site named "Fader" and can be accessed at the following link: The Fader. Of course you will be able to listen to the song here  but you can take a look at the initial site that released the song.

"Remedy", your Soca revival is here:Official Music Release!
OK, we have the song and it has been posted for your listening pleasure. Machel sure knows how to deliver the spirit of carnival with his lyrical content; added to the bliss of good vocal content is the execution of sweet soca music vibes from Precision Productions. Take a listen and, if at first it did not resonate well with you listen again and you will be easily hooked. This song has excellent potential. I really like Machel's first entry for Carnival 2015!

Please use the comment feature of this posting to provide your first impressions of this much anticipated release from the man considered the King of Soca!

Production Notes:
Song Title: Remedy
Performed by: Machel Montano
Written by: Patrick "Mista Vybe" Gordon, Machel Montano & Kasey Phillips
Additional Backups by Shradah McIntyre & Patrick “Mista Vybe” Gordon
Produced by: Precision Productions
Recorded by: Kurtis Wells & Kasey Phillips
Mixed by: Cole Nystrom
Mastered by: Alex DeYoung
Animation by: Jelani Paul of Untitled51

The SoundCloud music release also came with an accompanying YouTube Lyrics Video release of the melodious music release,"Remedy"; here is the video presentation... enjoy the vibez and sign along with Machel!


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Lystra Mandley said…
I love this video and think this is Road March 2015