We Lifestyle | T-Rock | Trinidad & Tobago 2015

From Texas, USA to sweet Trinidad and Tobago with love and Soca vibes. This is new music from the artist known as T-Rock. The song was co-written by WeMADD music writer "Preedy" who also provided background vocals on this Soca track (alongside Jo-Jo). T-Rock rides the Soca riddim well! He may be based in Texas, U.S.A. but his musical heart resides in sweet Trinidad and Tobago!

Take a listen to T-Rock... he takes this one to Trinis who now live overseas and yearn to hold on to something from the homeland. However, if you are a fan of a well executed Soca beat then this Soca vibe will have just about anyone, home-bound or foreign, grooving to the beat of this well produced track.

Release Notes:
Texas, USA: "T-Rock Again Embraces WE-Lifestyle"
Caribbean natives who reside away from their place of birth have become accustom to two specific conversations; being homesick and the importance of representing their country of birth. Terron "T-Rock Again" Andrews is no stranger to these conversations. Being based in Texas, as a partygoer and Soca artiste, he is always searching for what he calls a "WE-Lifestyle" experience. This search served as inspiration for the creation of his first contribution for Carnival 2015 titled "WE-Lifestyle." 

T-Rock Again's idea for what he describes as, "A feel good vibes" was brought to reality by a team of talented individuals; Trinidad-based songwriter Preddy, Belizean producer Kendoyl Simpson (KS Beats) and Trinidad-based producer and engineer Nikholai Greene. He explains that, "This is a testament to my life and how WE Caribbean people party and celebrate."  The fact that Caribbean people can party day and night as though everything is right sums up a "Feeling Good" moment.

With a vision to continue to push Soca music globally, T-Rock Again can be found at any given time representing Trinidad and Tobago. Of course he is not restricting himself to one city as his hope is to continue to contribute to the exposure of the Caribbean culture throughout North America.  This Caribbean vibe and revelry that he has labelled as 'WE-Lifestyle' is identifiable among the masses and is something he holds dear to his heart. 

As T-Rock Again continues to learn and grow as an artiste, he is unafraid to indulge in a bit of risk taking. Recently a decision to change his name was forced on him when iTunes began compiling his music with that of a Hip Hop artiste with his former sobriquet T-Rock. His immediate response was not to give up the sobriquet that he been attempting to establish for a number of years but to add 'Again' to it. This forms the phrase that he uses in every song he has recorded professionally to date...It's T-Rock Again...

Embrace 'WE-Lifestyle' it's those characteristics that set us apart... Look out for more.
© Adanna Asson

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Production Notes:
Song Title: We Lifestyle
Written by: Akeem "Preedy" Chance of WeMAD Music)
Performed by: T-Rock
Background Vocals by: Jo Jo & "Preedy"
Produced by: ***
Mixed  by: Nikholai Greene (former team member of Precision Productions)
Mastered by: ***

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