Precision Productions & Bunji Garlin | Teasers for Carnival 2015

Trinidad and Tobago just launched the Parang Season for Christmas 2014 but Carnival songs have already been making the rounds! There have already been close to sixty songs released that are 'considered' music releases for Carnival 2015. However, not much has been happening to really wow anyone with the exception of Darryl "Farmer Nappy" Henry's Groovy Soca niceness entitled "Loosen De Chain"!

Well we have two leaks that could be of interest to the listening public and all fans of Precision Productions and Bunji Garlin. 

Precision Productions have placed a teaser of their first riddim release for Carnival 2015 entitled "Ignition Riddim".
"Precision’s very first Riddim for Carnival 2015 is on its way...which artistes do you hear on it? #PrecisionSoca2015". Link: Facebook/Precision Productions/Ignition Riddim.

The other hint of a releases comes from the camp of Bunji Garlin! The following was posted on his Instagram Page:
"2 years ago @im4rio have me this beat that is beyond what anyone would expect in the fusion of music. Carnival 2015 will see this creation come to life. BRACE". Link: Instagram/BRACE

Watch out/listen for a track entitled "BRACE" from Bunji Garlin. I don't expect a riddim with such a name because Buni wants to remain unique and not have the same brand as the rest of the artists out there who will choose to ride a riddim with several other artists. So BRACE yourself for something new and hopefully significant from Bunji. 

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