Soak It Good | Skinny Banton | Grenada 2014/Trinidad 2015

In 2014 Mr. Killa, out of Grenada, had Trinidad and Tobago shaking with his 'Rolly Polly'. I have  a good feeling that "Soak It Good" by Skinny Banton (Carriacou) could also do well in Trinidad and Tobago for the upcoming Carnival in 2015. I said "do well in Trinidad and Tobago" but everyone should realize that this song has the potential to 'mash-up Trinidad's 2015 Carnival'!

Pay attention to this song... it is extremely popular now and is gaining popularity daily. If this song really catches fire when it hits Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2014 then this could become one of the biggest hits for the period 2014/2015. This song could have similar impact like "Rolly Polly". However, for this transition to work, Skinny Banton has to reprise his birthright (a born Trinidadian) and perform this song in Trinidad! Will he do it? This story is yet to unfold. 

Not all is lost... if he does not go to Trinidad to promote the song it could still have a solid impact. Trinidadians are Saltfish Lovers... the real one and the 'named/christened one' (wink wink)! Everyone loves saltfish... Ent! Trinidadians are a mischievous group and this song will fit the bill for a good jam on Carnival Monday. Zagada says "Soak It Good"!

For those who don't know, Skinny Banton was born in Trinidad but now makes his home in Carriacou. He is "a Kayak 2DBone" now and the only connection he has with Trinidad is that he was born there (and existing family members of course)! This man is immersed in the culture of Carriacou, Petit Martinique and Grenada but with the right marketing can have similar success with "Soak It Good" as Mr. Killa achieved with "Rolly Polly".  I listed the song and the video for your comments. Enjoy the track and keep your eyes/ears locked on to this artist/song.

Production Notes:
Name of Song: Soak It Good
Written by: Skinny Banton
Performed by: Skinny Banton
Produced by: MPS Studios

Soak It Good - This is  Remix featuring Allison Hinds; Skinny Banton and Allison Hinds - Bacchanal Vibez!

This is the official video released for Grenada's Carnival (Greenz) 2014. This is pure Jab Salt-fish ecstasy and it will take hold in Trinidad for Carnival 2015! 


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Anonymous said…
Skinny Banton's Soak It Was Explosive at every carnival this season...