Soca Monarch Semi-Finals/Road to Fantastic Friday | Arima 2014

Arima comes alive with raw Soca music energy as the "Groovy", "Power" and "Break Out Artiste Of The Year" semi-final competition roars from the belly of the Arima Velodrome. This segment of the competition takes place to select the artists who will compete on Fantastic Friday for the coveted titles of Groovy Soca Monarch, Power Soca Monarch and Break Out Artist of the Year! If you are not in Arima or in Trinidad then stay with us as we bring all the updates for this competition

Live Video Coverage:
"Tune in to CNC3 Television on Sunday 9th February 2014 to see the International Soca Monarch Semis!"

Live Audio Feed:
The audio feed can be heard at Vibe 105 FM at the following link:
Vibe 105/Soca Monarch Semi-Finals Audio Feed

The Four singers selected to compete for the final two places for the "Breakout Artist for 2014 on "Fantastic Friday" are as follows:
  1. K Rich
  2. 5 Star Akil
  3. Mr. Killa
  4. Erphaan Alves
Here is the order of appearance for the  Digicel International Groovy Soca Monarch Semi-Finals Competition that will take place on Sunday February 9, 2014 at the Arima Veledrome in Trinidad. 
Name of Artist
  1. Akil Borneo 
  2. Rodrick Gordon
  3. Timothy Watkins
  4. Olatunji Yearwood
  5. Austin Lyons
  6. Lornette Nedd Reid
  7. Cassiano Sylvester
  8. Rodney Le Blanc
  9. Kurt Allen
  10. Erphaan Alves
  11. Devon Martin
  12. Nadia Batson
  13. Junior Noel 
  14. Gamal Doyle
  15. Simon Delph 
  16. Jenelle De Leon 
  17. Rossi Khempis Gray
  18. Patrice Roberts
  19. Joanna Hutton 
  20. Kenneth Richards
  21. Shal Marshall
  22. Akeem Chance
  23. Lawrence Adams
  24. Amrika Murtoo
  25. Natasha Benjamin
  26. Cecil Wilt Cambridge
  27. Jahmoun Mendoza
  28. Denise Belfon
  29. Kerwin Du Bois
  30. Sherwin Jeremiah
  31. Carlton Cordle
  32. Destra Garcia
  33. Johnny King
  34. Ricardo Drue
  35. Dexter Stewart
  36. Santeney Rampersad
  37. Devon Matthews
  38. Darryl Henry
  39. Ainsley King
  40. Ravi Bissambhar
  41. Shivonne Churche
Stage Name

5 Star Akil
Chucky Gordon
The Baron
Olatunji "Tunji" Montana
Super Blue
Fya Empress
Kurt Allen
Erphaan Alves
Nadia Batson
Mr. Famous
Skinny Fabulous'
J Angel
Patrice Roberts
Jo Jo
K Rich
Shal Marshal
Mr. Renzo
Kerwin Du Bois
M1 aka Menace
Biggie Irie
Johnny King
Ricardo Drue
Devon Matthews
Farmer Nappy
Ainsley King
Ravi B
Lil Bitts
Name Of Song

To Meh Heart
Irie Party
Wining Good
Ah Ketch It
Man In Yuh House
Lick It In
Sweet Sizzling Summer
Conquer Meh
Bad Influence
Play More Local
Behaving The Worst
In De Air
Nah Leaving
Multi Pumpin
Doh Rough Meh
Shake Dat
Go Down
Feel 2 Wuk
Wining Champion
Take Control
My Business
Keep Them Waving
Jab Nation
Party Non Stop
Chuku Chuku
Too Real
Big People Ting
Need A Rhythm
First Time
Doh Over Expose
Fetting Away
In De Mood
Big People Party
Wau Jalguy
Roll It

The following listing of the Play Whey International Power Soca Monarch Semi-Finals Competition provides the names of the artists, their stage name/sobriquet and the song they should sing at the Arima Veledrome with aspirations of securing a position in the finals. This stage of the competition is scheduled for Sunday February 9, 2014.
Name of Artist
  1. Nesta Boxhill
  2. Candida Hoyte
  3. Alysha Alleyne
  4. Timel Rivas
  5. Heaven Charles
  6. Jenelle De Leon
  7. Angela Giustini
  8. Rodney Le Blanc
  9. Hashim Lewis
  10. Jerry Dane
  11. Marvin Davis
  12. Hollice Mapp
  13. Dexter Stewart
  14. Sherrard Churche
  15. Crystal Charles
  16. Gamal Doyle
  17. Shurwayne Winchester
  18. Shradah Mc Intyre
  19. Junior Noel
  20. Neil George
  21. Destra Garcia
  22. Kurt Allen
  23. Nadia Batson
  24. Patrice Roberts
  25. Anslem Douglas
  26. Devon Martin
  27. Kris Persad
  28. Ronald Mcintosh
  29. Oneil King
  30. Edwin Ayoung
  31. Devon Matthews
  32. Rodrick Gordon
  33. Erphaan Alves
  34. Devon Samuel
  35. Jalon  Olive
Stage Name/Sobriquet

Sekon Sta
Candy Hoyte
Miss Alysha
Timel "Boy Boy"
J Angel
Sellier Jadee
Swappi 4D
Mr. Killa
Sherrard Churche
Skinny Fabulous
Shurwayne Winchester
Mr. Famous
Iwer George
Kurt Allen
Saucy Wow
Patrice Roberts
Anslem Douglas
Ronnie Mcintosh
S.O. King
Devon Matthews
Chucky Gordon
Erphaan Alves
Prophet Benjamin

Bag Ah Vibes
On D Truck
De Soca Spirit In Meh
The Dhoti Song
Do Wah Yuh Want
We Loving Carnival
Come Out To Play
Run To The Front
Rollie Pollie
Brok It Up
Party Behind Meh
The General
Raise It Up
Bad Dis Carnival
Hay Lay Lay
Mama Oye
Mash Up
Rated R
Feting Di Most
We Want More
We Mad
We Bringing It
Original Madman
Level It
Gyal To De Front
Hearing Ah Talk
The Seamstress
Mas Everywhere
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