Junction | Machel Montano | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

Listen up people this song is WICKED! Vibes for the Carnival and if anyone thinks Machel will be second to anyone then listen up! Only niceness - Machel & Jus Now! Carnival is about vibes and fun and this song has loads of vibes and trust me... you will have a lot of fun with this song!

The song is entitled "Junction" and even though it may not please everyone (subpar lyrics) it stays true to the theme of Carnival - winin', partying and having fun! Why would someone choose to criticize this song? Oh, those damn subpar lyrics! It provides the right vibe and locks in to the carnival mentality of the people (that is the reason I like it)! Let me also add the following... I like the fact that 'Jus Now' is involved with the artists in Trinidad and Tobago. Machel and Just Now - this combination (Machel's vocal style and Jus Now's innovative music style) is 'just right'! However, for many, the lyrical content is apalling! Machel needs to do better and hit the home run when he gets good music!

The rhythm carries the music but there is a flair about the vibe  that accompanies the overall production. Machel is very consistent with his vocal performance. This song has some serious vibes and it flows from the well that Jus Now fetches their musical vibes from - a blend of Bristol/UK bass vibes with the rhythmic flow of Caribbean flavor.

This is 'Drum N Base' music as conceived by Jus Now! If you did not know then familiarize yourself with the production team now;  Jus Now is a combination of Interface (Sam Interface) from the UK and LAZAbeam (Keshav Singh) out of Trinidad and Tobago. They produce awesome music and this one should rock fetes across Trinidad and Tobago.

Machel Montano is not standing still and is spreading his wings using production teams that showcase different musical styles thereby giving us a different musical taste from this very talented singer. I like this song and will add to Machel's already strong offerings for Carnival 2014. Nice vibes - Enjoy the music!

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Production Notes:
Song Title: Junction 
Written by: Full Blown Entertainment & Machel Montano
Background Vocals by: Vanna Vee
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by: Jus Now 2014 All rights reserved

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! .  We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't share the music and rob the artists of needed income!
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Vushung said…
Santi you serious?
This tune is crap on a stick.
At best a novelty. At best!
Santiwah said…
You are not the only person who has commented that they think the song is crap!

If you read what I wrote I never said that the lyrical content was great but that it addressed what is going on in Carnival today!

However, I love the music,the drum and base rhythms, on the track and believe that the song has its place in the festival.

This is Soca music aka dance calypso music and the vast majority of the songs simply carry a good rhythm and sometime catchy and or interesting lyrical content.

If you think it is crap then it should crash and burn ... bet you it won't!
Santiwah said…
Btw Vush... the entire Soca music industry is shifting and introducing new music concepts. However, the lyrical prowess of the song writers has not kept pace.... I can't be critical of every song that I post on otherwise there will not be anything good to post about the music... tell me the songs that you find interesting to date... I'm waiting... trinizagada@gmail.com
Vushung said…
It won't crash b/c is Machel. At this point, he could sing the abc song and people would think it's hot.

To answer your question about interesting songs. I'll split them into 2 categories Lyrics and Music


Benjai - Dance
- Like most soca these days the concept is unfinished (only 2 verses), but in the midst of a jump and wine and wave epidemic Benjai manages to sneak in a liitle social commentary.

Bunji - Carnival Tabanca
- The modern version of "The Carnival is over"

Cassi - Man in Yuh House
- The most fully realized soca tune this season.

Isaac Blackman - S.O.C.A. (Soul of Calypso)

Iwer - Mama Oh
- Iwer at it again, seems like a nonsense song, but it's really about loving your country.

Mr Famous - Play More Local
It's good b/c it's true. The shadow-style music helps a lot.

Nutron - Jus 1 Wine
- Here's a universal theme for you that still includes wining.

Prophet Benjamin - Anger Management
- I don't know what it means when one of the best lyrycists in soca is really a reggae singer.

- Optimus Riddim
- Millbeats Riddim
- Red Light District
- Fayann - Gimme That
- Kes - Country Gyal
- Mr Famous - We Time
- Swappi - Drink in My Hand
- Swappi - Three
(Yuh know I am not a swappi fan, but his music is cutting edge)

Special mention: Mr Renzo - Pandemonium.
- This song is unfinished. Never pays off on the promise

If you recall our interactions of the past few years, I've been repeating the same thing - the music has never been better, the lyrics... sigh.
Santiwah said…
Excellent selections... however, we are approaching 1,000 songs released for this carnival!

I will put up one riddim that you did not mention... best in my book! Classic 60's riddim (all duets on that riddim are good).

Swappi... Last Forever & 4D Carnival!
Santiwah said…
About Machel and singing... on stage he shouts! However, his recorded songs have something that keeps him ahead and his shows always hook the audiences...

Only Bunji Garlin has stepped up his game and is travelling on a slightly different path.

Machel's singing style has served his well up to this point... many artists (World wide) are not the best singers but can rule the charts all the same. If you watched the Superbowl half time show with Bruno Mars... he is a singer and performer - the ideal packager.

Machel knows how to showcase himself and always succeeds in captivating his audiences. Would you trade his successes for a better singing style?
Vushung said…
I would trade Machel's entire's career for better soca and calypso.
And I not hating on the man, I like *some* of his tunes every year, but he is more about the show than the craft. I think he could be great, but he won't.

I just not feeling the classic 60's riddim. Somewhere in the middle of the songs I get bored. maybe i should stop listening to lyrics. Maybe I'd enjoy modern soca more if it was in Spanish.

And quantity doesn't equal quality. Sometime int eh 80s i hear an estimate that there were ~5000 tunes every carnival. I used to say back then that 4,900 were crap.

100 songs per season is actually a pretty good return, but back then we used to celebrate excellence, now we celebrating mediocrity, or maybe we've forgotten how to tell the difference.