Parang Time Again | NPATT 2012 Festival Starts Today!

Parangderos have something to feel good about - Parang Season officially begins today October 6, 2012. However, this year marks a new era for NPATT and all Parangderos across the land. Tradition has been swept aside and the official start takes place in Lopinot (Lopinot Recreation Grounds) instead of the traditional venue of Arima. To emphasize the change the 2012 season was named "The Renaissance". The young players may find favor with the changes but the traditional Parangderos will definitely not be pleased and it will not be strange to hear people saying, "They spoiling de parang"!

The schedule above has the start as the 'Arima Tennis Club' but the new venue is at Lopinot! This has caused concern but after last years shortened season, because of the government enforced curfew, it should not matter that the venue has been changed. People should celebrate the fact that, this year, they will have a 'normal season'. 

I said 'a normal season' in reference to the fact that they can now promote their shows as they see fit and not in accordance to imposed government restrictions. Things, however, will not be the same. Change is here and only time will tell if it is good. The Public Relations Officer of NPATT (National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago), Mr. Michael Lezama, announced some innovative and experimental changes for this season. The competition has now been divided into several competitions. Just think about it... more opportunities to win a title but then again people like to know that there is but one champ. Now let's take a look at the new competitions/categories that would be on the table and up for grabs. The categories address specific areas of this music genre.

The competitions will take place as the season progresses in various districts and have been divided into the following categories:
1. Instrumental Parang Competition
2. Soca Parang Competition
3. Tune of Choice Competition
4. Battle of the Sexes

The various categories are interesting and we should also take note that they have decided to allow the steelpan, the national instrument, to be uses as lead instrument on an experimental basis. Something is missing... do you realize that with the new competitions that we have not seen the 'old competition' of best overall parang band! The new categories are interesting and even innovative but I want to see an overall best parang band of the year! Don't you?

In conclusion, I must add that I do like some of the changes but, at the same time, I want to see an overall winner. I want to know which Parang band is the best for the 2012 Parang season... that will be missed!

The video seen above comes to you via YouTube (Maria Nunes listing) with the following information:
This video features Paul Hernandez singing Rio Manzanares in Lopinot, Trinidad during the festivities for Cruz de Mayo. Next to him playing the cuatro is Clarita Rivas, Trinidad's first ever Parang Queen
via Parang in Lopinot, Trinidad by Maria Nunes

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