Wine Back by K Rich | 'Futuristic Trini Soca' | Carnival 2013

This is new music from K. Rich (Kenneth Richards) and Precision Productions. I first heard this song on CHUNE: K.RICH - WINE BACK (Precision Productions), The author of the thread proclaimed, "This right here is a big song! Arrangements are boss..I'm not a huge auto tune in soca fan but this works perfect ". Then the fireworks started! Now to be honest... I like the song but on islandmix just about everyone commenting on the music feels like they 'know it all' when it comes to Soca Music.

The name of the song is "Wine Back" and the lyrics stuck to the theme of the title and the basics of what takes place during any carnival celebration in the islands of the Caribbean. However, there are those who are waiting in the background and take pleasure sniping at music produced in Trinidad and Tobago! Take Vincypowa as an example, he is one person who personally takes pleasure to give a compliment then tear down the song, artist and music production to show why St. Vincent music and Kevin Lyttle, in particular, is superior to anything coming out from Trinidad and Tobago. He immediately posted Kevin Lyttle's song, 'My Love; and Da Bahn's song 'My Love will never die'. He punctuated his opinioniated view with one word: "Sampled".

Now is there anything wrong with an artist or producer doing a sample of another artists music? Simply put, "No"! However, the original production must be given credit and if you really think about it, the new music gives credibility to the original production. In  other words it is a compliment to the original production not a slap in the face.

Another poster, 'Seawell', stated the following: "Unlistenable. And the lyrics are just a variation on the cliched "wine, wine, wine" soca songs. What kills me about soca is that these people have all year to write and the keep coming up with the same tired lyrics. Maybe it's the educational system, or the fans."
People like Vincypowa and Seawell usually claim that they love Soca and any music production but are usually the ones who spend a lot of time going after Trinidad and Tobago's music productions.

What is your take on this... sampled or not the production is a sweet groove and K. Rich has what it takes to  become a hit maker! This song will win audiences where ever it is heard. I personally like the song and the party scene will likewise love it! Precision... just keep the music coming!

The following statement accompanied the music release from Precision Productions:
"It was September 1st 2011, when Precision Productions set out to change the way the world viewed and appreciated Soca music. The vision was to remove the seasonal label from Soca and show exactly how palatable our music could be all year round, when done right.

Almost exactly one year later, and with countless humbling accolades, including Groovy Soca Monarch titles from Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, and Antigua, the Precision team, after a full year of steady fan-favored hits, is once again inviting you to tune in as they set their personal work standards even higher and head assuredly into the Trinidad and Tobago 2013 Carnival Season.

“Wine Back”, the very first release for 2013, is a heart thumping futuristic Soca track, beautifully voiced by one of TnT’s newest but very talented artistes, K.Rich.

His silky vocals harmoniously meld with the alluring baseline, creating a harmonious jam that keeps your body grooving deliciously throughout the entire song.

The teasing witty lyrics and magnetic melodies were written by Patrick “Mista Vybe” Gordon who eloquently captured the precise feeling we all experience when the ideal wining partner is discovered.

As 2013 fast approaches team Precision continues their incredible musical journey focused on always producing premier tunes that will keep everyone hungry for even more.

The team promises that this is only the beginning and strongly suggests the world prepares itself for there is so much more to come."
©Mystie Thongs

Production Notes:
Written By: Patrick "Mista Vybe" Gordon & Kasey Phillips
Performed By: Kenneth "K.Rich" Richards
Additional Vocals By: Patrick "Mista Vybe" Gordon.
Produced & Mixed By: Precision Productions
Mastered By: Sterling Sound, New York.

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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Wine Back - K. Rich

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